Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11 2010

Today was a great day to think and meditate over everything that has happened throughout history. It is as everyone should know remembrance day! So in honor of this day and in memory of everyone and anyone who was affected by war, I decided to write a poem, here it goes.

We Rose At Light

Together we stand,
A Fortress, strong,
our fears awakened,
all time is gone,

we rise at light,
we stand, we fight,
to save the souls,
from terror and plight,

stumbling from ground to ground,
we cannot see with blinding sound,
earths shatter and lives drop spent,
this is but a consequence,

thoughts of lives form the past,
children, mothers waiting back,
tears shed in utter anguish,
it doesn't make it any less,

but we won! and fought for life,
no battle sought or earthly plight,
compares to this, our pact to peace,
when arms went down and fighting ceased,

Together we stood,
a fortress, strong,
our fears awoke,
but that time is gone,

and now our memory does stay,
for those who live here everyday,
we ask but one simple quest,
remember this,

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