Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Heart Skipped a Beat

August 1st

(This is what basically happened today, this and I went to an amazingly fun wedding! So yes this was a part of an email sent to a friend explaining my Sunday morning at mass.)

Oh my goodness!

Today was terrifying! I sing every week in the church choir and I went to churh as usual at 8 to practice for the 8:30 mass. So I'm there we get through all the songs for mass except the psalm, because the organ player hadn't arrived yet. We wait, and wait, finally there is five minutes until the mass is due to start and someone tips them off that I play piano....

The piano, is not the organ.

*shudders* this thing had three rows of keys and like ten pedals! When I went through it the first time I went to hit the pedal to hold the notes so it would sound pretty, but that "pedal" turned out to be the thing that controls the volume, ten pedals, and I hit the only one that does that... oh good lord. In five minutes I learnt the song. I was so lucky that the psalm this week was in the key of c. No sharps or flats and I practically had sight read the entire thing while playing it I was so scared. My eye was twitching I had like a cold sweat my entire body shaking except weirdly enough my Hands and arms were perfectly still... Anyways I played the entire thing with no mistakes!!! And next week if the guy still isn't there I am up for round two... My lord this will be a day I will always remember.
Good Day!!


July 31st

There isn't much to say today except.....


6 hours of Nothing

July 30th

Oh my goodness gracious, today had to be the longest day ever. As I think I mentioned in the last post, my moms steering fuel line in her car cracked, so today we spent practically the entire day waiting for it to be repaired. We made it to the shop and dropped off the car, the guy said it would take a couple hours to get it done so we decided to walk to Tim Horton's. We got there had some breakfast and chilled, two hours later we get a phone call, thinking that her car was done my mom answered it. Turned out it was going to take a lot longer than they initially thought. By this point my mom doesn't care she just needs her car done so that we can continue with out lives. So we wait. An hour goes by, no big deal, we're playing cards and having coffee. two hours go by, still everything is fine. Three hours go by, and we start to get worried. Four hours comes by and we figure we should leave the coffee shop, considering we've been there longer than some of these peoples shifts. So we go back to the shop and finally the call us up. It was 6 and a bit hours of absolutely nothing! Had we known we would have taken a cab to the movies or something, that was ridiculous! Anyways that was basically my day, sitting playing cards.
Hope your Summer is less Boring than that was!

Interview #2

July 29th

Today I had quite a few things going on at once. the major important thing that I was really excited/frightened/worried/nervous about was my job interview for the library. this was m second interview, the first was at a different branch and they passed me on to this branch because it is easier for me to get to, but if i don't get the job here then I will still definitely have a job at the other branch, so I wasn't worried, but I was all at the same time. Also after my interview I went to the movies with one of my best friends, who I also had to give the money for my Wicked ticket, (Her mom got us frot row seats!!!!! SQUEE!)

Anyways everything went well, the interview was awesome, but I thought it was a little strange tat the lady, (krista) Interviewing me introduced me to the staff, (she didn't do this with the girl before me...) So I hope that that was a good sign. On the down side, I forgot my folder at one of the desks there, which really sucks, because I was trying to leave a good impression, so that sort of sucked, but its okay I guess.

the movies was fun, my awesomely awesome friend and I saw Inception for the second time, and it makes so much more sense now. You know I don't really like Leonardo DiCaprio, but he was pretty good in that movie. So That was fun, other than that and my mothers car breaking down, (Steering fluid line cracked) everything was pretty good.

Hope your summer is still going well!

Decisions, Decisions...

July 28th

Today My mom and I went out with one of her friends who was having a bit of a bad spot I guess. things weren't really working out for her and she wanted to meet up with us at McDonalds for some lunch. My first thought, great, what the heck does McDonalds have that I can actually eat? (I have made it my goal to eat more healthier) So I went anyways and we met up with her. We walked up to the cash and I was desperately looking at the menu for something that wasn't a Burger. Then I saw a sign, It was like a ray of light beckoning me toward it, "SALADS" yes, I thought, maybe I should try it out.

I was a little bit hesitant at first because recently i had gone out with my mom and I ordered a Greek salad, that tasted soo bad my stomach was just turning, but I ordered a McDonald "Mediterranean salad" Which is basically a Greek salad. I opened it and what not and began to eat it, I was pleasantly surprised! It was actually really, really good. it was shocking, because I wasn't expecting it to taste that good! So yes my message of today is that I so recommend McDonald salads. :D

Me: Mmmm I had a McDonald's Salad for lunch!
My Sister: Oh god, was the lettuce deep fried?

Have A Superb Day!

So Overrated

July 27th

Today was actually pretty fun. My aunt and her 4 kids came from Aurora and spent the day with us at the beach. We live walking distance from the beach, and my cousins rarely get to actually go to the beach, so they just had a blast! we played volley ball, had a barbecue at the park, and just had some fun family time. It was really great! Eventually everyone decided to go swimming, I was in the middle of working on an art piece so I didn't feel like swimming, instead I decided to paint at the beach.

I figured, that would be so inspirational, painting my godmothers picture at the beach, with the beautiful water and the sand, just like in the movies...no. never again will I ever paint at the beach. it is sooo overrated. i got sand all in my paint, on my canvas, and I learnt, never, ever paint with acrylics in the heat because they dry so fast that if you have to mix the colors you don't stand a chance. Not to mention the little girl who wanted to "finger paint," on my canvas, and the screaming children. Oh, yes, it was here that I remembered i have sensitive skin and my legs got rashes all over them because of the sand rubbing on them every time I moved. I finished the painting, eventually, but it was so annoying to paint it there.

On the plus side, I did manage to tan my legs pretty evenly and turn a few shades darker than I was when I came, so that was good.

"Painting at the beach is so overrated."

Have a great Summer!

Time Slowed Down

July 26th

Today was just one of those days where time seems like it is moving super slow. Where not matter what you do or where you are everything just seems so boring. I don't know why it was like this today, My sister and I were over at a friends house. my sister was swimming but I didn't because I forgot my swim suit. Whatever, I had my sketch book so I started to draw instead. Everything seemed good, except i was still sooo bored. finally I decided to go inside and chill. i was sitting on the couch reading when my friends brother came up to me and showed me this mini slot machine thing and said pull, it see if you win. Stupid me I did, the thing shocked me!

I don't know how it got to this point a few minutes later where my sister and my brothers friend were timing me to see how long I could continuously shock myself before i gave up. I lasted thirty seconds, a lot longer than all of them, bet you I could have lasted longer, but my mother took away the machine thing. i know I probably sound really stupid, but I realized you do very strange things when your bored. So I went back to sitting and reading.

A Little later, when they were done with the pool, they had to take everything out of it, (noodles, floating chairs, beach balls...) so thinking I was being a good person I decided I could take the things that were close to the side out. I went out to the pool and reached down to grab the chair, suddenly i hear something hit the bottom, I looked down and pure panic went right through me. the little black thing that hit the bottom of the pool, was none other than my touch screen cell phone.... needless to say it's fried. Now I am back with my old Motorola flip. On the plus side, at least I have a working cell phone.

"today I mourned the loss of my cell."

Have A good Day

Only In William and Sonoma

July 25th

Today it was really funny, my cousin went to work, and we were sort of worried because he came back an hour later than he usually does. He walks in the door all flustered and annoyed and we asked him what happened.

"Well," hhe said "it started off as a good, day, until I started doing stock." (Where heworls they have their stock room on the third floor so they have an elevator in the back) "I was bringing some stuff in the elevator, as I am going down suddenly the elevator stops, and guess what? Im stuck. I start screaming and banging on the door for them to let me out. And they are all like "Matteo, are you okay in there don't worry we'll get you out." I was freaking out and yelling then about five ten minutes later I realised something.. Im not working. So I sat on the ground pulled out my phone started texting, ipod was going. Forty minutes later they get me out, and lucky me, I have to carry everything from the third floor, by hand. yes that is 157 steps with heavy boxes.

So yes that inst all. then later I was asked to do a stock run for a later who wanted this fork set or whatever, and I ran up the stairs and get it. When I come back she starts yelling at me because it took me so long. Well I try to explain to her that the elvator broken and I have to go up to the third floor. she said, " well if you weren't so fat maybe you could run faster." I said excuse me? you try running up and down 157 steps while carrying stock and tell me how long it takes you. and then I said she didnt have to be such a bitch. the lady starts freaking out, i want to talk to your supervisor, blah blah. So I get her. My supervisor came to us and said, "matteo, did you call her that" I said, nope, I called her a witch. And the lady left, I then turned to my supervisor and told her, yes I did actually call her that. And she said matteo you know you are going to have to lose a point for this, (we get 30) I said thats ok, I still have 28. she asked me what happened to the other point, I told her I was saving it for something special. And she laughed at me.

then, later, this huge buff guy comes into the store, and asked for a carry out for two small little boxes. I looked at my supervisor and said really I have to go all the way to the basement for this huge guy. She said I know matteo hes an ass, but just do it. So I did it exaggerating all the way down to the basement with how light the packages are, only to find out when he pulled up his car that he was a police officer. So I put the bags in the car and ran back upstairs. There is even more. Later on, this man was being agressive towards one of our female cashiers, and I had to lock him out of the store.

Oh yes, then there was this asian woman who came up to me with this set and asked me how much it is so I told it was on sale for 29.99. So she said what the regular price was I said 89.00. So she asked again, "how much?" I said 29.99. she paused then said.. "how much?" I told her 29...99. another pause, "okay" and she went to the chec out where five minutes later I see her arguing with the cashier trying to give her 89.00 and the cashier kept saying 29.99. Eventually she gave up said fine, 89.00. and rang her out.

That was my work day, and then on the bus home we were stopped because this guy was freaking out on the bus driver and they had to call the police to remove him. His reason for freaking out, the bus driver put the air conditioning on and asked us to kindly shut the windows. This guy didnt want to shut the window. so I am finally back."

and that was the story for the day.....

Have an awesome Day!

Sicilian Canoli

July 24th

today was super fun! It is day one at my Godparents house, and things are looking up, today we hung around went shopping and watched a movie. I know this sounds like stuff you do everyday, but I dont know how to explain it, its just so much more fun with my Godparents and cousins. Unlike a lot of people in this world today, these guys just know how to make people feel welcome, with them it isnt like your a guest its like you are family. Ive grown up around my Godparents and could spend everyday of my life with them and never get bored. I could also never get angry with them, because they are like my mom in the sense that I respect them so much.

Anyways my uncle jo, haha is such a suck. Today he was wining and complaining all day, because he had this kink in his neck, and all we could to was laugh. You see my uncle is like a giant baby, (in a hilariously good way of course) he has no pain tolerance, even though he is this big construction worker. So yes, my mom was rubbing his shoulders trying to get the kink uot and he was screaming, finally my mom gave up, (not after smacking him in the head) my uncle rolls his should and lifts his arm and was all quiet. "I couldnt do that before.." he said and all of us erupt into laughter.

A Little later we stuffed and ate canoli. I forgot to mention this in the last post, but on top of making tomatoe sauce I also made the cream for the canoli. this morning (it isnt very difficult just milk, sugar and corn starch,)and we brought some of the shells that we had made so we could eat them there. For those who dont know Sicilian canoli are an amazing dessert that are extremely difficult to make but completely worth it. They are usually made for special occasions like baptisms, confirmations, weddings.... and my uncle absolutely adores them. so he was so thrilled that we brough them, but my cousin and I with our twisted sense of humor couldn't eat them after a comment my uncle made.....

"Look at the size of this thing1 How the hell am I supposed to put it in my mouth!"

Have A Great Day!

Pasta Sauce

July 23rd

today was an awesome day, (tomorrow we leave to go to my Godparents) and last minute my mom got an order for a lasagna. She couldn't say no and she decided to make it anyways. So yes, I have never made lasagna or pasta sauce for that matter, and today my mom decided it would be a good day for me to learn. When my mom says learn, she means, "I'll give you basic instructions, then you will figure it out on your own..."and I love that about her, she letting my sister and I make make our own mistakes and accomplishments. So anyways, thats what I did, I made lasagna. The lady who ordered the lasagna, ordered a meat lasagna so I had to make the sauce, and my moms sauce isn't like that crap you get at the supermarket it is real Italian tomatoe sauce. Which unfortunately takes at least half a day to make because it needs to simmer for hours and hours on low. I had learned from past experiences that if one didnt continuously stir the sauce you burnt everything and then it tasted like poison, so I knew had to stir this thing. Finally after the suace was done I mad ethe lasagna which wasnt too difficult just layering of the pasta and then sauce and cheese every layer, sauce cheese meat butter every other, That didnt take long, but as soon as I was finished an entire day went by and I felt like I was on top of the world because I had successfully made that lasagna! My point to this is, I think the way my mom taught my sister and I to take control of situations was correct. Kids need to make their own mistakes, and have accomplishments that they themselves did. I'm not saying let your kids run wild and they will figure things out eventually but I mean that parents can only do so much, they teach them what is right and wrong and give them the basic guidelines, what we do with them is our choice. When/if I ever have children when Im older, I am definitely looking towards my mom as an example parent. "I can't stop crying!!!! Damn those onions!" _(a quote from me when I was making sauce.)
Have a Great Day!!!!!

I Know Im Behind....

Yes, I know it has been a while since i have posted anything, but the reason being is i have been so busy lately by the time i go to write something i am to exhausted and donèt really feel like it. But, since i have been keeping a journal of quotes for everyday I have decided that I will still post something for everyday I missed.... Here it Goes...

July 22nd

Today I did some packing, because I will be spending the weekend at my godparents house in toronto. Im really excited because I love visiting them and we're (my mom, sister and I) spending the entire weekend with them. So yes, didn't do much today, but I did have a very, very long chat with one of my best friends. I don't know what it is but I could talk to her for hours and hours and never run out of topics to discuss, shes the type of person who has so much to say but never enough time and that's awesome. It will be completely random too, one minute talking about summer vacation then the next her mom at a horse race last year, its always interesting to talk with her the stories never end. I realized something this summer, I love my friends so much. They put up with me even though I am eccentric, have my weird quirks, and have a very dark/twisted sense of humor. They have stuck with me and "didnt" introduce me to facebook lol, (my mother hates facebook with a passion) and I have so many memories with them. I'm kind of upset hat I only have two more years of highschool, because it means I will probably lose a lot of the friends I made. Graduation is that critical tme when you discover who your closer friends are and who will stick with you, hopefully I keep as many as I can... Anyways On a happier note, I finished a design for another painting today! whoot whoot! Hopefully I will have it done the next time we visit ,my godparents, (as it is for them) . So ya have an awesome break!!! "I she was going to ask him if his butt hurt! I was so embarrassed!" - (A quote form my phone call)
Have a Great Day!