Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Heart Skipped a Beat

August 1st

(This is what basically happened today, this and I went to an amazingly fun wedding! So yes this was a part of an email sent to a friend explaining my Sunday morning at mass.)

Oh my goodness!

Today was terrifying! I sing every week in the church choir and I went to churh as usual at 8 to practice for the 8:30 mass. So I'm there we get through all the songs for mass except the psalm, because the organ player hadn't arrived yet. We wait, and wait, finally there is five minutes until the mass is due to start and someone tips them off that I play piano....

The piano, is not the organ.

*shudders* this thing had three rows of keys and like ten pedals! When I went through it the first time I went to hit the pedal to hold the notes so it would sound pretty, but that "pedal" turned out to be the thing that controls the volume, ten pedals, and I hit the only one that does that... oh good lord. In five minutes I learnt the song. I was so lucky that the psalm this week was in the key of c. No sharps or flats and I practically had sight read the entire thing while playing it I was so scared. My eye was twitching I had like a cold sweat my entire body shaking except weirdly enough my Hands and arms were perfectly still... Anyways I played the entire thing with no mistakes!!! And next week if the guy still isn't there I am up for round two... My lord this will be a day I will always remember.
Good Day!!