Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Only In William and Sonoma

July 25th

Today it was really funny, my cousin went to work, and we were sort of worried because he came back an hour later than he usually does. He walks in the door all flustered and annoyed and we asked him what happened.

"Well," hhe said "it started off as a good, day, until I started doing stock." (Where heworls they have their stock room on the third floor so they have an elevator in the back) "I was bringing some stuff in the elevator, as I am going down suddenly the elevator stops, and guess what? Im stuck. I start screaming and banging on the door for them to let me out. And they are all like "Matteo, are you okay in there don't worry we'll get you out." I was freaking out and yelling then about five ten minutes later I realised something.. Im not working. So I sat on the ground pulled out my phone started texting, ipod was going. Forty minutes later they get me out, and lucky me, I have to carry everything from the third floor, by hand. yes that is 157 steps with heavy boxes.

So yes that inst all. then later I was asked to do a stock run for a later who wanted this fork set or whatever, and I ran up the stairs and get it. When I come back she starts yelling at me because it took me so long. Well I try to explain to her that the elvator broken and I have to go up to the third floor. she said, " well if you weren't so fat maybe you could run faster." I said excuse me? you try running up and down 157 steps while carrying stock and tell me how long it takes you. and then I said she didnt have to be such a bitch. the lady starts freaking out, i want to talk to your supervisor, blah blah. So I get her. My supervisor came to us and said, "matteo, did you call her that" I said, nope, I called her a witch. And the lady left, I then turned to my supervisor and told her, yes I did actually call her that. And she said matteo you know you are going to have to lose a point for this, (we get 30) I said thats ok, I still have 28. she asked me what happened to the other point, I told her I was saving it for something special. And she laughed at me.

then, later, this huge buff guy comes into the store, and asked for a carry out for two small little boxes. I looked at my supervisor and said really I have to go all the way to the basement for this huge guy. She said I know matteo hes an ass, but just do it. So I did it exaggerating all the way down to the basement with how light the packages are, only to find out when he pulled up his car that he was a police officer. So I put the bags in the car and ran back upstairs. There is even more. Later on, this man was being agressive towards one of our female cashiers, and I had to lock him out of the store.

Oh yes, then there was this asian woman who came up to me with this set and asked me how much it is so I told it was on sale for 29.99. So she said what the regular price was I said 89.00. So she asked again, "how much?" I said 29.99. she paused then said.. "how much?" I told her 29...99. another pause, "okay" and she went to the chec out where five minutes later I see her arguing with the cashier trying to give her 89.00 and the cashier kept saying 29.99. Eventually she gave up said fine, 89.00. and rang her out.

That was my work day, and then on the bus home we were stopped because this guy was freaking out on the bus driver and they had to call the police to remove him. His reason for freaking out, the bus driver put the air conditioning on and asked us to kindly shut the windows. This guy didnt want to shut the window. so I am finally back."

and that was the story for the day.....

Have an awesome Day!

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