Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Know Im Behind....

Yes, I know it has been a while since i have posted anything, but the reason being is i have been so busy lately by the time i go to write something i am to exhausted and donèt really feel like it. But, since i have been keeping a journal of quotes for everyday I have decided that I will still post something for everyday I missed.... Here it Goes...

July 22nd

Today I did some packing, because I will be spending the weekend at my godparents house in toronto. Im really excited because I love visiting them and we're (my mom, sister and I) spending the entire weekend with them. So yes, didn't do much today, but I did have a very, very long chat with one of my best friends. I don't know what it is but I could talk to her for hours and hours and never run out of topics to discuss, shes the type of person who has so much to say but never enough time and that's awesome. It will be completely random too, one minute talking about summer vacation then the next her mom at a horse race last year, its always interesting to talk with her the stories never end. I realized something this summer, I love my friends so much. They put up with me even though I am eccentric, have my weird quirks, and have a very dark/twisted sense of humor. They have stuck with me and "didnt" introduce me to facebook lol, (my mother hates facebook with a passion) and I have so many memories with them. I'm kind of upset hat I only have two more years of highschool, because it means I will probably lose a lot of the friends I made. Graduation is that critical tme when you discover who your closer friends are and who will stick with you, hopefully I keep as many as I can... Anyways On a happier note, I finished a design for another painting today! whoot whoot! Hopefully I will have it done the next time we visit ,my godparents, (as it is for them) . So ya have an awesome break!!! "I she was going to ask him if his butt hurt! I was so embarrassed!" - (A quote form my phone call)
Have a Great Day!

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