Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sicilian Canoli

July 24th

today was super fun! It is day one at my Godparents house, and things are looking up, today we hung around went shopping and watched a movie. I know this sounds like stuff you do everyday, but I dont know how to explain it, its just so much more fun with my Godparents and cousins. Unlike a lot of people in this world today, these guys just know how to make people feel welcome, with them it isnt like your a guest its like you are family. Ive grown up around my Godparents and could spend everyday of my life with them and never get bored. I could also never get angry with them, because they are like my mom in the sense that I respect them so much.

Anyways my uncle jo, haha is such a suck. Today he was wining and complaining all day, because he had this kink in his neck, and all we could to was laugh. You see my uncle is like a giant baby, (in a hilariously good way of course) he has no pain tolerance, even though he is this big construction worker. So yes, my mom was rubbing his shoulders trying to get the kink uot and he was screaming, finally my mom gave up, (not after smacking him in the head) my uncle rolls his should and lifts his arm and was all quiet. "I couldnt do that before.." he said and all of us erupt into laughter.

A Little later we stuffed and ate canoli. I forgot to mention this in the last post, but on top of making tomatoe sauce I also made the cream for the canoli. this morning (it isnt very difficult just milk, sugar and corn starch,)and we brought some of the shells that we had made so we could eat them there. For those who dont know Sicilian canoli are an amazing dessert that are extremely difficult to make but completely worth it. They are usually made for special occasions like baptisms, confirmations, weddings.... and my uncle absolutely adores them. so he was so thrilled that we brough them, but my cousin and I with our twisted sense of humor couldn't eat them after a comment my uncle made.....

"Look at the size of this thing1 How the hell am I supposed to put it in my mouth!"

Have A Great Day!

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