Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time Slowed Down

July 26th

Today was just one of those days where time seems like it is moving super slow. Where not matter what you do or where you are everything just seems so boring. I don't know why it was like this today, My sister and I were over at a friends house. my sister was swimming but I didn't because I forgot my swim suit. Whatever, I had my sketch book so I started to draw instead. Everything seemed good, except i was still sooo bored. finally I decided to go inside and chill. i was sitting on the couch reading when my friends brother came up to me and showed me this mini slot machine thing and said pull, it see if you win. Stupid me I did, the thing shocked me!

I don't know how it got to this point a few minutes later where my sister and my brothers friend were timing me to see how long I could continuously shock myself before i gave up. I lasted thirty seconds, a lot longer than all of them, bet you I could have lasted longer, but my mother took away the machine thing. i know I probably sound really stupid, but I realized you do very strange things when your bored. So I went back to sitting and reading.

A Little later, when they were done with the pool, they had to take everything out of it, (noodles, floating chairs, beach balls...) so thinking I was being a good person I decided I could take the things that were close to the side out. I went out to the pool and reached down to grab the chair, suddenly i hear something hit the bottom, I looked down and pure panic went right through me. the little black thing that hit the bottom of the pool, was none other than my touch screen cell phone.... needless to say it's fried. Now I am back with my old Motorola flip. On the plus side, at least I have a working cell phone.

"today I mourned the loss of my cell."

Have A good Day

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