Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

July 28th

Today My mom and I went out with one of her friends who was having a bit of a bad spot I guess. things weren't really working out for her and she wanted to meet up with us at McDonalds for some lunch. My first thought, great, what the heck does McDonalds have that I can actually eat? (I have made it my goal to eat more healthier) So I went anyways and we met up with her. We walked up to the cash and I was desperately looking at the menu for something that wasn't a Burger. Then I saw a sign, It was like a ray of light beckoning me toward it, "SALADS" yes, I thought, maybe I should try it out.

I was a little bit hesitant at first because recently i had gone out with my mom and I ordered a Greek salad, that tasted soo bad my stomach was just turning, but I ordered a McDonald "Mediterranean salad" Which is basically a Greek salad. I opened it and what not and began to eat it, I was pleasantly surprised! It was actually really, really good. it was shocking, because I wasn't expecting it to taste that good! So yes my message of today is that I so recommend McDonald salads. :D

Me: Mmmm I had a McDonald's Salad for lunch!
My Sister: Oh god, was the lettuce deep fried?

Have A Superb Day!

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