Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6 hours of Nothing

July 30th

Oh my goodness gracious, today had to be the longest day ever. As I think I mentioned in the last post, my moms steering fuel line in her car cracked, so today we spent practically the entire day waiting for it to be repaired. We made it to the shop and dropped off the car, the guy said it would take a couple hours to get it done so we decided to walk to Tim Horton's. We got there had some breakfast and chilled, two hours later we get a phone call, thinking that her car was done my mom answered it. Turned out it was going to take a lot longer than they initially thought. By this point my mom doesn't care she just needs her car done so that we can continue with out lives. So we wait. An hour goes by, no big deal, we're playing cards and having coffee. two hours go by, still everything is fine. Three hours go by, and we start to get worried. Four hours comes by and we figure we should leave the coffee shop, considering we've been there longer than some of these peoples shifts. So we go back to the shop and finally the call us up. It was 6 and a bit hours of absolutely nothing! Had we known we would have taken a cab to the movies or something, that was ridiculous! Anyways that was basically my day, sitting playing cards.
Hope your Summer is less Boring than that was!

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