Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nothing Much to say...

today it will be EXTREMELY short, lol here is five things that have crossed my mind sometime during the day today...

1. tomorrow I go to the spa! Yay, my eyebrows are overdue to be done and my nails are going to be polished, my sister and I are trying out a new local spa, this should be fun!

2. Although this was supposed to be the week im in the Dominican, its still going to be awesome. Spending time in toronto with my cousins, seeing the CN tower with my sis and going to see the terracotta warriors at the rom

3. inception was a pretty good movie, saw that today and it was awesome. I was surprised because I dont normally like Leonardo DiCaprio..... hmmm changed my mind just a little bit.

4. Today I finally watched the season finally of glee, although it was a little predictable it was still great!!! Also found out that there is a Glee karaoke coming out on wii this fall, that will be my birthday present.

5. need to search my cupboards for a dress, going to a wedding on the 1st found out last minute, but this should be sooooooo much fun!

and that is pretty much it, heres a quote.....

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e.e. cummings


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Im making this short today because I have had an incredibly long day, (I was pelted with mud soaked spunges by the children at the weekly library program.) but i still wanted to share a youtube group that I think is genius. They are called ImprovEverywhere and what they basically do is Improv...everywhere. They are a group iont he states that causes random imrpovised scenes in public areas, films it with a secret camera and shares it with everyone on youtube. Their motto, "we cause scenes." heres a couple of my favourite videos.

food court musical:

this video makes me laugh every time because I know it would be something that I would do. I would love to see this happen one day, that would be awesome!

High Five Escalator:

I think that if this happened to me, it would honestly make my day!

Synchronized Swimming

I don't know how they managed to do this without laughing, haha, very funny, would be cool if I saw them perform it, lol.

"Improv cures what ails americans." --- Liz Allen, improv olympic


Pet Peeves

I was going to post this yesterday but I was so exhausted I fell asleep. Anyways yesterday I was grocery shopping with my mom, and I was getting eggs, when suddenly I looked up and literaly shuddered, (because I was so disturbed!) right infront of me there was this elderly man. Now that isnt so bad, but it was what he was wearing that scared me so much. He was wearing a tight fitted shirt, (that showed off nothing but his beer belly,) and a rather terrifying bright red speedo. Yes, Im serious, it was horrifying, even my mom was like, "oh. My. God." Anyways this inspired me to write about my top ten pet peeves.

1. Old men shopping in speedos. Yup this has to be number one.

2. negative people. People who are always complaining, or just can never see the brght side to any situation. they tend to down me so much, I really don't like being around them.

3. people who dress their animals. I dont know what is so fun about torturing your dog by making them wear a humiliating fluffy costume, I don't like it when people put clothing on their animals, or leashes on guinea pigs.

4. when people leave the milk out. In my house I hate it when someone decided to pour a glass of milk, but doesn't put the container in the fridge. it's always when I want a glass and the milk is on the verge of curdling. I hate that!

5. When your folding laundry and all the clothing is inside out. I hate that, it just makes me twitch having to flip out all the clothes to fold them.

6. when people lip sing. I don't get the point of it, you might as well sing it out loud! Its more fun, and who cares if you sound atrocious, have come confidence and belt it out!

7. over competitive people. People who just go too far when they are playing or doing something and the competitive person starts getting angry and wont calm down. That is really a downer and drains the fun out of a game.

8. when your looking for fork, but all you can find is spoon. Gah! This one annoys me so much in my house we have a lot more spoons than forks, so when the forks are in the dish washer there will still be spoons, and I hate it when that happens and I really need a fork.

9. when its an important day, you want to look good, and your hair decided to go frizzy, and nothing tat you do will fix it.

10. nails on a chalk board...... *shudders* speaks for itself.

"I don't have pet peeves, I have whole kennels of irritation..." -Whoopi Goldberg

Have an Awesome Day!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Seemingly Impossible Goal

*sighs* today has been a reeeaaallly long day, i am trying to come up with an idea to write a novel. I want to write one so badly, but I can't come up with any good ideas. Ive got ideas, don't get me wrong but none of them really scream "writable". I don't know what it is but I am the kind of person who will always have two million things rushing through their head at once. I am never really able to focus on one main Idea and stick to it when writing, its kind of like having writing ADD.

I know what my goal is, to have my novel completed by the time i graduate high school, but the true question is, "What will i write about?". I have some sort of idea I guess, I want to write something that I know, something that I can relate to, because if I write about what I know half the research involved is already done. And, if i can relate to it, then i will want to actually continue with the idea. I also want to write something that other people will enjoy reading, that if they ever saw it would like to give it a shot. I want to catch peoples attention. But, at the same time I don't really care how many people actually read it, as long as it is read by someone who isn't me, lol.

I also want it to be fiction, because I like fiction. I read it because it allows me to forget everything that is happening and get immersed in someone else s problems. I want it to be reality with a twist, maybe a future novel, or an other worldly novel. My last stipulation, is that this novel be unique. I don't want to follow this wizard/vampire trend that has hit the markets recently and want my work to be unique and different. plus I am tired of constantly picking up books in the bookshop and all of them being the same... it really is a pet peeve.

When/if i ever come up with an idea I am so going to write this, I don't care what comes out of it, it is my personal goal to finish a novel before I graduate, think I can do it?

"I think the first duty of all art, including fiction of any kind, is to entertain. That is to say, to hold interest. No matter how worthy the message of something, if it's dull, you're just not communicating."- Poul Anderson


Saturday, July 17, 2010

She Really is Awesome... :)

Today I realized something that I don't think has taken about 13 years to actually sink in. Today, (actually five seconds ago) i realized that I love my sister. :) I know it sounds corny and everything and she may be annoying at times, but she really is awesome. So today, I have decided to write a letter to my sister, (but, one of those corny letters she will probably never see) so here it goes.... I got deep you have been warned.....

Dear Bianc, (My nickname for "Bianca")

the past 13 years, (or since you've been born,) really have been a beautiful disaster I guess. In the sense that we are always fighting, bickering and making fun of each other, but once the day is over, we always laugh things off like they're no big deal. Ever since the day you were born I have secretly loved you,( although I would never tell you to your face, because there is waaaayyy to much competition between us and to do so would be a loss on my side of the court, :S ) and you always somehow make my day brighter.

When we were both small, (I three, you newborn) mom told me I used to watch you from over your crib talking to you. I would say, "your number one! Your number one!" and only recently I have discovered what that really means. You are my one and only sister, and you always will be "number one!" you will always be there for me and I for you, and when you graduate the eighth grade next year, I will be the one who helps you pick out your dress and get you ready, like you did to me. You have always been in my life, and I promise that whenever you need me I will be there for you. I will miss you so much when I go to university in two years.

I know I have done some things in the past that have hurt you, and I regret all of it. :( I hope that you can forgive me for my lack of patience, for my crazy mood swings, and some times too serious personality. I think that you are an amazing person, and a gift in my life! If you ever read this don`t make fun of me.......

(love you)


Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. ~Amy Li


Friday, July 16, 2010

Gave Me Chills

I am a huge fan of music and the performing arts, and lately i have been browsing youtube for some new choir groups and I cam upon this one video that i must have watched ten times and every single on gave me chills. It is the Miami University men's Glee club singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and they are just fantastic! Just thought i would share this.....

here is also one other choir that i thought was really cool. They are singing the song africa, all a capella and are creating a thunderstorm with just their bodies, its crazy the effect they make with a little bit of lighting! Check it out,

"The singer has everything within him. The notes come out from his very life. They are not materials gathered from outside. " ~Rabindranath Tagore


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Incredible Chalk Art!!!

I was browsing the internet and I cam upon the craziest thing, sidewalk chalk drawings, but life like! These artist much have so much patience and incredible skills to do this. it really is so amazing, if I could ever even attempt this it would make my life.....


“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” — Edward de Bono

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Rare Day

Today I had an awesomely amazing day, I don't know but I just felt so good today it seemed as though everything is going to go right for me. It was one of those days where you feel so positive even though everyone around you seems miserable and annoyed it just can't bring you down. I was on top of the world today. And the weirdest thing is, nothing really happened to put me in this mood.....

It started off ordinary, woke up everything was fine I cleaned my room, and ate breakfast, watched Tv and then visited the internet for a bit. my mom had a job interview so she was out for a bit and my sister was having an altogether horrible day and I was at the end of it, but oddly enough that didn't bother me in the slightest. So after that I made lunch for both my sister and I and then we decided to chill at the beach for a bit. Where we had a good laugh, and were slightly scarred for life. :D

We were swimming in the water when we see this elderly couple come down near where our things were on shore, they looked so cute together holding hands and what not. Then the elderly lady starts taking her shorts off and my sister turns to me and whispers, "Kassandra, haha, just imagine if that lady was wearing a bikini underneath" we started laughing at the thought, then five seconds later turned in horror when in fact the elderly lady
was wearing a bikini! (Very unflattering might I add, but I cant judge I wouldn't ever wear one myself) We couldn't stop laughing. So yes, after another half hour or so of swimming we decided to walk back home.

went home it was around 7:oo pm, and my mom then asked us if we wanted to go to Tim Hortons for coffee, we said sure and went, other than all this and a very nice man stopping to talk to us nothing really happened but I just feel,
good. It's weird, have you ever had that feeling where you know something is going to go terribly wrong for you, then it does, but afterward you know something is going to incredibly good? Well that Is the feeling I am having, something good is coming my way.

(here is a quote I love!)

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I had a discussion with some friends and my mom about the world and intelligence. We were talking about the different buildings in ancient times, but mostly about the Greek temples in Sicily, (Agrigento) and how even though they had no technology they still were able to provide the basic needs for themselves by math and strategic designs. for example in one of the temples even though it was 54 degrees Celsius outside when we went inside the temple it was so cold we needed to put on sweaters, and this cool air was all produced naturally by the way the temple was built.

so yes, we were having this discussion how people today, (although it pains me to say this) are not as logical and intuitive smart as they were so many years ago. Today we rely too much on technology to get us through the day that it is getting to the point where we no longer have to really think for ourselves. we have computers to produce designs, calculators for all our math, miracle growth instead of the old fashioned way of relying on the season and the moon cycles, (which produces much better crops than miracle grow ever will!) and we don't even need to learn how to spell properly either, because we have invented (ingenious might I add) technology that checks spelling for us.

After this entire conversation we came to a conclusion, human beings are not moving forward in life, but in a sense moving backwards. We have become lazy to the point where most of our thinking in a day isn't ourselves it is technology and outside forces around us. Once upon a time we relied solely on ourselves and the force of nature around us, now we dont even rely on ourselves, or nature, just a piece of plastic and metal. Yup, that really makes me feel safe, that a
lifeless computer has more knowledge than the average human being. Yup that's pretty sad.

"It's hard for the ape to believe he descended from man..." -H.L. Mencken


Monday, July 12, 2010

I Knew it... :(

*Sighs* its been a rather long day today and I am soooo glad its over. Today I found something out that I just knew was going to happen because it was almost too good to be true. I was so looking forward to the beach, the sun, not having to worry about responsibilities and just relaxing. I was so excited to go to the wedding and enjoy the beautiful waters.... If you havent figured it out, my trip to the Dominican Republic, that I have been looking forward to since before school let out, was canceled.

Do I know why it was canceled, no, only that my uncle the one who was taking my sister and I couldn't go, so that was that! Anyways I hate it when this happens, (and it seems to happen quite frequently) every time I look forward to going someplace, or doing something it is always canceled, is it me or just my luck? Or is it happening for some twisted reason. All I know is that sometimes it reeeaally sucks.

So for that week that I planning to have taken off, what will I be doing instead, (actually this pretty much makes up for it and I am super excited) I will be spending a few days with my godparents in Toronto, being a tourist for a bit seeing the Cn tower...again and seeing the new exhibit at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) of the Terracotta Warriors, oh and visiting the best dessert place ever, Demetre's! Haha, and somehow I managed to get invited to a party that week as well, so it kinda made itself up. At least this time I will be having fun alongside of friends and family, where as before it was just my sister, and my uncle who Is somewhat tolerable, (we all have that one relative...) The only thing I am really bummed about, is not getting that tan!

"A Vacation is what you take when you no longer take what you've been taking" - Earl Winson


Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 Acre Battle

Oh my goodness gracious! I am completely and utterly exhausted! And I have probably mentioned before I live on a lot of land, (about 10 acres) and every year my family and I keep putting off weeding the front lawn, (Which is about an acre itself) . So today we battled the front lawn madness, and I was outside for five hours sipping, pulling, racking and cutting these monstrous weeds, (im not exaggerating they were way over the legal limit here!) and the sadest part is I am only about a fifth done..... :( My mom refuses to hire someone to do it, because she thinks its good exercise, and "Builds character" so for the next little while I will continue this ongoing battle.

Personally, I really don't mind the work. Call me crazy, but I think I actually
like weeding the front yard. Not only do I feel accomplished, but it gives me time to think to myself and a project for the summer. I am the type of person who would go crazy without anything to do, that's why I love the school year so much, I'm always busy and working towards something.

Anyways back to my battle, So yes. Today it was my mothers idea to go outside and weed the yard, she couldn't have picked a better time to. 11:00 am - 4:00 pm, the hottest time of the day! So I was dying of heat, went through at least 4 liters of water
and the absolute WORST part out of everything is, I got the nastiest farmers tan! It's horrible I mean I know I tanned but the top half of my shoulders are still white... At least now I learned my lesson, note to self, tank top.

"A weed is a plant that is not only in the wrong place, but intends to stay."- Sara Stein


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poetic Mood

All day today I had been trying to figure out what I would write about, nothing really inspiring has happened today, in fact i haven't even left the house at all so there was really nothing to do. So I started to look back on some of the old poems I had written. This poem really caught my attention, and was around the time I was getting a lot better at writing poetry. It was written last year at the end of my summer vacation, while I was in a very poetic mood. So anyways ya, this is my post for today! Enjoy, :D

My Home Land

the wind attacks my face,
cold and sharp as ice,
harder than a mace,
gripping like a vice,

the tundra that surrounds me,
is cold and always cruel,
a bed of arctic sea,
capturing each fool,

souls who venture out,
to this unforgiving land,
often truly doubt,
the power of its hand,

but I, full of compassion,
know the northern tongue,
i forgive the arctic fashion,
that all the tales have sung,

creature from these northern tales,
who snarl, prowl and fight,
larger than the ocean whale,
who stalk the ground by night,

who whisper horrors while you sleep,
and make your mind forget,
they strike the eyes and make you weep,
and cause your soul to fret,

But I, full of compassion,
forgive they who roam,
for the ice in every fashion,
is my land, my heart, my home.

-August 26 2009

"poetry is an orphan of silence, the words never quote equal the experience behind them."-Charles Simic


Friday, July 9, 2010

My Life....As a Fiction Novel.

Lately I have been doing a lot of reading, (mostly ficiton) and I don't know what it is about fiction that just draws me to it. Maybe it is the idea that anything can happen, and circumstances that one would never expect suddenly occurs, and the outcomes are always drastic. Or maybe it is the use of magic, the themes of love/hate, darkness and the light, destiny, dreams, alternate reality, and heroes. or, maybe I just read too much, lol. I don't know. But today as I was taking a little break from reading A thought popped into my head. Imagine if my life was one of these novels?

Being a person who loves to write, I often do little writing exercises in my head to keep imagination and such flowing, I will sometimes just go for a walk look around me and according to what I see make up a sort of plot line to the scenery. I also do this with people when I go shopping, I'll see a person know nothing about them then develop a story according to how they are dressed, walk, interact with others or what their body language tells me. (this also steams off from my love of drama and acting. )

So, yes back to my story..... The novel idea got me thinking. "Imagine this", i thought to myself, " i live in a fiction novel, ok according to my circumstances what would happen in this plot." Then I came up with this plot line.........

1.girl from a small town, living in a situation she doesn't like.
2.She is not the popular kid in high school,(11th grade we shall say) maybe even kind of, invisible. She has a group of friends who are all unique in their own ways. Each of them are very different, and a lot like her in the sense that they aren't really "there" (ignored by most at school).
3.Every day girl and friends would meet at a certain location in the woods for lunch, it is their safe spot where they hang out and talk.
4.Then one day for some reason girl and best friend, are held behind after lunch when the others leave.
5.Someone is coming from another part of the forest, girl and best friend discover something they were not meant to know and are put into a very dangerous situation.
6.both are not who they thought they were, run away from home and thrown into a journey. 7.Maybe there are supernatural forces at work, ( because the supernatural can be made into something almost dreamlike.)
8.two Girls meet up with a fortune teller who tells them something great about them,
9.two girls befriend a group of people from the secret they partially discovered, their real friends were trying to protect them from the beginning, and new who these two were meant to be.
11.turns out there is a mole among them the group that befriends the two girls
12.but the mole falls in love with the enemy,

and this is all I have so far.....

anyways this was when I was in the car driving home from the passport office, (for the Dominican Republic! XD ) and I was really bored and taking a break from the book i was reading. So yes, I think it would be amazing to have my life like a fiction novel, the possibilities are simply endless.

"fiction reveals truth, reality obscures." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Thursday, July 8, 2010

is there really a fluke?

I have very strong beliefs, and one of the things I passionately believe in, is destiny. I hear people all the time saying that there is no destiny, it was just a fluke, and this I find completely ridiculous. How could there not be a destiny? Too many things in this world are so ironic, and happen at the oddest of times, how could there not be a destiny?

For example. When I was six years old, I lived with my mom, dad, and sister. My mom had just lost her job and my dad was supporting the four of us, it was just a regular night, everything was the same as it usually was, but somehow different. I discovered what was different very early the next morning on my way to the bathroom. It was my dad, he had had a major heart attack and passed away in the middle of the night. And I, I found his body.

The point is, there we were the three of us, trying to make it through this loss, and now on top of
it all my mom needed to find a way to support us all. It was by "fluke" that the day we went back to school, she was dropping us off, that the answer occurred. She was walking us in when she accidentally dropped something on the ground and spoke in french to pick it up, the passing french teacher heard her and said she spoke amazing french, my mom told her she went to university in france, and it turns out the school wa sin dire need of a french teacher. It was that day my mom got her job that she has had for eight years.

it doesn't end there. After eight years of working in the school, they found someone to replace my mom, (this was the year after my sister graduated her elementary school) and also the year, my uncle in Italy passed away. (the same way my dad did.) and left my moms sister and her two daughters in the same situation we had once been in. this worked out, because my mom (since she was unemployed at the time) was able to fly into Italy and stay with my aunt. coincidence? I think not.

It was after this when my mom got back, that she was out job hunting again. She did some catering, (because she owns a cetering/events planning company) for the school and it was there that the Mayor got to sample some of her food. He loved and ended up setting her up with the man in charge of small business advertising, who put my mothers name in all the school boards systems for not only our town, but the towns surrounding ours as well. Which is incredible because every time there is a special event at a school, the first person they would call now, is my mom!

there are so many more stories I have, but to keep this brief I am leaving you with this...... What do you believe in, destiny, or fluke?

"I seldom end up where I want to go, but almost always end up where I need to be..." -DOuglas Adams


Flying By

I have noticed something lately, I don't know what it is, but it seems as though as I get older, time moves so much quicker. I remember when I was in elementary school, and it seemed like it would be eternity before I went into the high school. (well it didn't help that I really disliked my elementary school :S) I would be sitting in class all the time, hating that I was still treated like a little kid and I just wanted to grow up so much faster!

Then, by the time I made it to high school, i was a little happier but it was strange. (at my school begins in the seventh grade because we are considered a "college") By the time I could even get used to this new system four years went by in a blink of an eye. And now I am sitting at home just in awe, at how fast this has gone by. But then I also think about decisions I need to make, and if four years went by that quickly, I now have two years left to make all the decisions about my future, and to be honest with you I am really afraid.

Choices for my future career need to be made in this very short amount of time and I still have no clue as to what I want to do. Life is just so overwhelming some times, and the clock speed really doesn't help. :( I think I might want to go into teaching, I love school, always have, and I think I always will, and I would love to make a difference some how and that may accomplish my goal. But then again I also believe every person has a destiny, and I am not quite sure what I am meant to do.

Haha, I just hope that these next two years turn on some light bulb up there, because I am running out of time! Thanks for putting up with my little late night/early morning musing, thanks for reading.

"Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new... but who can understand and measure its sharp breath, its mystery and its design?" ~Paracelsus


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Uncomplaint

Today I have decided to try something new. I don't know what it is lately, maybe its the fact that we are in the middle of an official heat wave, or maybe it is just so tiring this summer everyone is annoyed, but lately I have noticed the negativity so think in the air you could probably cut it with a knife. And it seems to be contagious too, it spreads like wildfire, someone says or does something negative the next person starts and it goes on, and on , and on..... Anyways Today i have decided to try something new. instead of complaining, I am going to basically do the opposite and count my blessings, or as I like to call it, uncomplain.


we are in the middle of a heat wave, and my house has no air conditioning..... >:(


hey at least it isnt a drought
you can walk to the beach every single day!
abundance of ice and water!
an excuse to not excursive, (health advisers says anyone without AC should not excursive)
excuse to eat more popsicles , :)
get to drink more cold water, yay
Oh and eat a ton of watermelon because you lose so much sodium in this heat!
excuse to be lazy.


I am stuck being in charge of two library events!!!!


hey if I pull them off, it gives me bonus points with my future employers,
i get to meet more people this way,
it really is fun,
right after i go to the Dominican republic
excuse to paint more.
gives me something to do, and I work well under pressure.

so ya, you get the point these are basically my two major er... "uncomplaints" right now, and I am determined to look at tings more positively. Thanks for reading!
"a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, and optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." -Winston Churchill


Music Appreciation Day

GAHHH!!!! I am so stressed out right now it is crazy! I volunteer at the local library and every summer they have the summer events for the kids. This year my sister was put in charge of the music appreciation day, and I was put in charge of the water day. So my sister was given this day about a month ago, and now (a week before we are supposed to present it) she bailed! She hasn't done anything and the musicians she was supposed to contact are booked and I am running around trying to find performers and bribing people with community service hours. In total I have me, half a keyboard, (because my cord broke!) a maybe Saxophone, and my friend Cheyenne who is up for singing with me.

I love my sister, but really? I didn't need this right now considering the week after I have to present my week, (in which I have several paintings to complete, and possibly the fire department to contact not to mention the games to plan) *sighs* but then again, there is nothing else to do, I may have to pull a few strings, and bribe some others, but I will succeed. Just have to stay positive. worse comes to worse, I will play a karaoke CD and the kids can go wild. Anyways, that was my mini rant for right now.


"in times of great stress or adversity, its always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and energy into something positive." -Lee Iacocca


Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm Addicted to.....

Today was a pretty relaxing day for me, did basically nothing, (other than my work out and a long painful walk) so i decided to do some searching on ye old internet. What was I looking for? Well when I started I really didn't know, but eventually it turned into a Broadway musical search.

I have recently discovered, that I am addicted, (and I mean ADDICTED!) to Broadway musicals. I watched RENT today, (a very touching story about two modern day bohemians who are struggling to make it big while dealing with love, loss, aids, and life in new york.) it was so touching I couldn't stop crying through the second part of the movie. (I know purely pathetic!) But hey, thats what happens when you give a teen a summer that is completely free to themselves. What else am I supposed to do?

Ahh, then, there were some really odd musicals I came upon, like Suessical the Musical, (if you havent guessed it!) a musical based on Doctor Suess's stories. Or, March of the Falsettos, a story about four Jewish men, and their problems in life. (this musical featured one song I couldn't stop laughing when I heard it titles; "Four Jews in a Room Bitching.") made me laugh sooooo hard. Then I came upon a classic, A Chorus Line, watched that off of youtube, (well most of it anyways....)

soooo, what did I do with all my new musical knowledge? I decided to search for pieces that would work with my schools choir, and I compiled a list brace yourselves.......

1. Song: Footloose
From: (duh!) Footloose.
(awesome song that is so upbeat, and I think the choir could do it well, since we are not a capella. jotting this one down for next year.)

2. Song: Mamma Mia
From: (again) Mama Mia!
(Love this song, although it is geared more to the girls, but I do know some of the guys in choir would have fun with this one. They loved You cant Stop the Beat last year, lol)

3. Song: Seasons of Love
From: RENT
(a Beautiful song about time and life, this song is practically made for a choir to sing, the question is,....could we pull it off?)

4. Song: Hand Jive
From: Grease
(really does this need an explanation, who didn't think the Hand Jive looked fun!)

5. Song: I Hope I get It
From: A Chorus Line
(this is a very intricate piece that involves a lot of choreography, but the harmonies are divine and the rounds incredible, would be a lot of work, but if we could do it, wow! That would make my life! also its from one of my favorite musicals!)

6. Song: We Go Together
From: Grease
(I did this one in the 6th grade, and it was so much fun, but sounded very bad. Would love to attempt it again and get it right this time. :] )

7. Song: Sing
From: Chorus Line
(this song is more meant for a duet, but could involve the entire choir really funny, more acting than singing, but it would be cool to try....hmmm, maybe talent show?)

8. Song: Shine
From: (Cant remember!) D:
(Anyways this is a beautiful song that would sound epic as a gospel song, the harmonies are sweet, and subtle and the message is wonderful.)

9. Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
From: (Not sure.)
(Some poeple in choir wanted t sing this, [in fact when we had a supply teacher in math we broke out into this song, hee hee] and I think it would be an awesome idea! I sense interesting rounds!)

Anyways, ya, that was my list I made today, tell me what you think about it, and if I missed any really good songs feel free to tell me, Im still searching for more!!!!!!!!

"A Bird does not sing because it has an answer, a Bird sings because it has a song." -Maya Anglou


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quote it.

About a week ago, I was trying to figure out a way to make this summer more memorable, trying to find a way I could document it without really having to write everything down in a journal. I mean, I love the idea of a journal but it takes so long to write out and try to remember everything that happened, and why the day was so awesome. So a few days ago, an Idea came to me. Why not quote it?

I always carry my iPod everywhere I go, and on my iPod there is a note section. I just started doing this randomly, and that particular time someone said something funny at a party so I put it in notes. Then the next day I started to do this by habit and quoted other things I said, or did that was awkward of funny. A few day later when I started to forget the little things that happened I re read and just couldn't help but laughing. So I decided everyday, instead of keeping a full journal, why not make it a journal of quotes?

It really does come in handy. You know when you are busy doing daily chores and such and someone randomly phones you, but have the wrong number? ya, I wrote that down. Or when you get a message and it says this, " uh, now I got to spend hours in the ER just to get a cotton swab out of my ear. Fun." or when you are busy going through security for a show, and it goes as follows,
"Excuse me, I need to check your bag."
"oh, alright, sorry one second."
*unzips purse*
"do you have a camera on you by any chance, they are prohibited."
*Crap! I have a camera in my purse!* *mental Panic*
"no, no, I don't, see? Just my wallet."
"ok, enjoy the show!"
* thank God!*

just little random pieces of information, haha, it really is funny after like a week of not remembering to read them, you should try it!

"We do not remember days; we remember moments." ~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand


Friday, July 2, 2010

Cirque du Soleil

Today was an amazing day! I went into the heart of Toronto with my sister and my uncle and got to see Alegria, a Cirque du Soleil Show. It was amazing! For those of yous unfamiliar with the show, it originated in Quebec with some circus performers, and gradually it spread worldwide. Cirque du Soleil specialize in acrobatics, it almost is like a cross between a Circus performance, an Opera, and a Ballet. It really is beautiful and I so recommend seeing one of their performances because they are breathtaking!

Anyways It was so beautiful this story was a battle between life and death and is a story of a man who is dying, and trying to get to heaven. Although it has very little speech everything is explained through the gorgeous dancers and hauntingly beautiful singers. During this piece there is a constant battle between light and dark, and themes such as love, loss, and moving on are explained. Anyways enough of my babbling, here are some pictures.....

(Flame throwers!) There were two of them and they were brilliant, tempting and manipulating the fire with their hands it was so insane It left me awed!

(Insane contortionists.) I honestly don't know how it was physically possible for these two ladies to do some of the things they did. At one point the bottom girls had her legs flipped over her head, and the girl on top was balancing on the bottom girls hips doing a hand stand, I was captivated for their entire act.

(the two singers) these two women were the singers throughout the entire performance, they represented life and death, and were a constant battle of voices in the act. It was entrancing to hear the almost magical harmonies and they both were incredible live singers. They definitely added to the performance!

If you are ever thinking about heading to a place where Cirque du soleil is performing I highly recommend going to see the show, usually they aren't that expensive, and out of the shows I have see so far, I have not been disappointed!

"He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed."
-Albert Einstein


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada D'eh!

haha, today is a wonderful day, a day where all Canadians stands together and celebrate the birthday of their country. Everyone from children to adults partake in the annual celebrations and watch the fireworks as a community. It is also our excuse to party, drink, smoke, and partake in many illegal activities, and best thing ever, (for those partaking in illegal activities) is that they will never get caught.


Today I am not going to blog about Cannada day, (because really it is the same every year) but i will comment on what I saw today that completely disgusted me and made me lose faith in the law enforcement officers in my community.

I was at the park with one of my best friends, her mom, my mom, and my sister, and we were just sitting at a picnic table having dinner because they were going to do the fireworks this year over the lake. There were little groups of people around us basically doing the same thing one group of people behind us were BBQing, this family was flying a kite in front of us and the people beside us were just talking and seeming to have fun. So as we waited we ate, chatted it up, and relaxed. Then we started to smell something a little bit weird. It smelt like a cigarette almost but sweeter. It really was a unique smell. Then we saw it.

The group of people beside us, had taken out bongs, and were smoking up! I had no clue what to do I was completely flabbergasted, (for a lack of a better term!) My friends mother was in complete shock she was so confused as to why someone would even think of doing that, let alone doing it in a public place! We didn't know what to do, it was so blatantly obvious but we also didn't want to get in trouble if we were mistaken or something, (which I don't think we were.)

It was when they got to their third round that police began to show up and set up safety railings and such for where the fireworks were going to be. They were not even 50 feet from where these people were smoking and they didn't notice. In fact, they walked RIGHT (three feet) by them and still didn't notice. We were in shock, and those were our law enforcement officers. It was right after they walked by too that the people smoking started to laugh. I was so disgusted that these police officers didn't notice, it was so obvious to it was almost equivalent to walking up to them and saying, "look officer, look what I stole from the convenience store, and oh, here are the tapes to prove myself guilty." and pretending it never really happened.

"really?" I thought, "is this really what our world has come to?" smoking in a public place in front of children, AND police officers and not getting caught. I am thoroughly confused.


"the police cannot protect the citizens at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory." - Jeff Cooper