Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Im making this short today because I have had an incredibly long day, (I was pelted with mud soaked spunges by the children at the weekly library program.) but i still wanted to share a youtube group that I think is genius. They are called ImprovEverywhere and what they basically do is Improv...everywhere. They are a group iont he states that causes random imrpovised scenes in public areas, films it with a secret camera and shares it with everyone on youtube. Their motto, "we cause scenes." heres a couple of my favourite videos.

food court musical:

this video makes me laugh every time because I know it would be something that I would do. I would love to see this happen one day, that would be awesome!


High Five Escalator:

I think that if this happened to me, it would honestly make my day!


Synchronized Swimming

I don't know how they managed to do this without laughing, haha, very funny, would be cool if I saw them perform it, lol.


"Improv cures what ails americans." --- Liz Allen, improv olympic


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