Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I had a discussion with some friends and my mom about the world and intelligence. We were talking about the different buildings in ancient times, but mostly about the Greek temples in Sicily, (Agrigento) and how even though they had no technology they still were able to provide the basic needs for themselves by math and strategic designs. for example in one of the temples even though it was 54 degrees Celsius outside when we went inside the temple it was so cold we needed to put on sweaters, and this cool air was all produced naturally by the way the temple was built.

so yes, we were having this discussion how people today, (although it pains me to say this) are not as logical and intuitive smart as they were so many years ago. Today we rely too much on technology to get us through the day that it is getting to the point where we no longer have to really think for ourselves. we have computers to produce designs, calculators for all our math, miracle growth instead of the old fashioned way of relying on the season and the moon cycles, (which produces much better crops than miracle grow ever will!) and we don't even need to learn how to spell properly either, because we have invented (ingenious might I add) technology that checks spelling for us.

After this entire conversation we came to a conclusion, human beings are not moving forward in life, but in a sense moving backwards. We have become lazy to the point where most of our thinking in a day isn't ourselves it is technology and outside forces around us. Once upon a time we relied solely on ourselves and the force of nature around us, now we dont even rely on ourselves, or nature, just a piece of plastic and metal. Yup, that really makes me feel safe, that a
lifeless computer has more knowledge than the average human being. Yup that's pretty sad.

"It's hard for the ape to believe he descended from man..." -H.L. Mencken


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