Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm Addicted to.....

Today was a pretty relaxing day for me, did basically nothing, (other than my work out and a long painful walk) so i decided to do some searching on ye old internet. What was I looking for? Well when I started I really didn't know, but eventually it turned into a Broadway musical search.

I have recently discovered, that I am addicted, (and I mean ADDICTED!) to Broadway musicals. I watched RENT today, (a very touching story about two modern day bohemians who are struggling to make it big while dealing with love, loss, aids, and life in new york.) it was so touching I couldn't stop crying through the second part of the movie. (I know purely pathetic!) But hey, thats what happens when you give a teen a summer that is completely free to themselves. What else am I supposed to do?

Ahh, then, there were some really odd musicals I came upon, like Suessical the Musical, (if you havent guessed it!) a musical based on Doctor Suess's stories. Or, March of the Falsettos, a story about four Jewish men, and their problems in life. (this musical featured one song I couldn't stop laughing when I heard it titles; "Four Jews in a Room Bitching.") made me laugh sooooo hard. Then I came upon a classic, A Chorus Line, watched that off of youtube, (well most of it anyways....)

soooo, what did I do with all my new musical knowledge? I decided to search for pieces that would work with my schools choir, and I compiled a list brace yourselves.......

1. Song: Footloose
From: (duh!) Footloose.
(awesome song that is so upbeat, and I think the choir could do it well, since we are not a capella. jotting this one down for next year.)

2. Song: Mamma Mia
From: (again) Mama Mia!
(Love this song, although it is geared more to the girls, but I do know some of the guys in choir would have fun with this one. They loved You cant Stop the Beat last year, lol)

3. Song: Seasons of Love
From: RENT
(a Beautiful song about time and life, this song is practically made for a choir to sing, the question is,....could we pull it off?)

4. Song: Hand Jive
From: Grease
(really does this need an explanation, who didn't think the Hand Jive looked fun!)

5. Song: I Hope I get It
From: A Chorus Line
(this is a very intricate piece that involves a lot of choreography, but the harmonies are divine and the rounds incredible, would be a lot of work, but if we could do it, wow! That would make my life! also its from one of my favorite musicals!)

6. Song: We Go Together
From: Grease
(I did this one in the 6th grade, and it was so much fun, but sounded very bad. Would love to attempt it again and get it right this time. :] )

7. Song: Sing
From: Chorus Line
(this song is more meant for a duet, but could involve the entire choir really funny, more acting than singing, but it would be cool to try....hmmm, maybe talent show?)

8. Song: Shine
From: (Cant remember!) D:
(Anyways this is a beautiful song that would sound epic as a gospel song, the harmonies are sweet, and subtle and the message is wonderful.)

9. Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
From: (Not sure.)
(Some poeple in choir wanted t sing this, [in fact when we had a supply teacher in math we broke out into this song, hee hee] and I think it would be an awesome idea! I sense interesting rounds!)

Anyways, ya, that was my list I made today, tell me what you think about it, and if I missed any really good songs feel free to tell me, Im still searching for more!!!!!!!!

"A Bird does not sing because it has an answer, a Bird sings because it has a song." -Maya Anglou


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