Friday, July 9, 2010

My Life....As a Fiction Novel.

Lately I have been doing a lot of reading, (mostly ficiton) and I don't know what it is about fiction that just draws me to it. Maybe it is the idea that anything can happen, and circumstances that one would never expect suddenly occurs, and the outcomes are always drastic. Or maybe it is the use of magic, the themes of love/hate, darkness and the light, destiny, dreams, alternate reality, and heroes. or, maybe I just read too much, lol. I don't know. But today as I was taking a little break from reading A thought popped into my head. Imagine if my life was one of these novels?

Being a person who loves to write, I often do little writing exercises in my head to keep imagination and such flowing, I will sometimes just go for a walk look around me and according to what I see make up a sort of plot line to the scenery. I also do this with people when I go shopping, I'll see a person know nothing about them then develop a story according to how they are dressed, walk, interact with others or what their body language tells me. (this also steams off from my love of drama and acting. )

So, yes back to my story..... The novel idea got me thinking. "Imagine this", i thought to myself, " i live in a fiction novel, ok according to my circumstances what would happen in this plot." Then I came up with this plot line.........

1.girl from a small town, living in a situation she doesn't like.
2.She is not the popular kid in high school,(11th grade we shall say) maybe even kind of, invisible. She has a group of friends who are all unique in their own ways. Each of them are very different, and a lot like her in the sense that they aren't really "there" (ignored by most at school).
3.Every day girl and friends would meet at a certain location in the woods for lunch, it is their safe spot where they hang out and talk.
4.Then one day for some reason girl and best friend, are held behind after lunch when the others leave.
5.Someone is coming from another part of the forest, girl and best friend discover something they were not meant to know and are put into a very dangerous situation.
6.both are not who they thought they were, run away from home and thrown into a journey. 7.Maybe there are supernatural forces at work, ( because the supernatural can be made into something almost dreamlike.)
8.two Girls meet up with a fortune teller who tells them something great about them,
9.two girls befriend a group of people from the secret they partially discovered, their real friends were trying to protect them from the beginning, and new who these two were meant to be.
11.turns out there is a mole among them the group that befriends the two girls
12.but the mole falls in love with the enemy,

and this is all I have so far.....

anyways this was when I was in the car driving home from the passport office, (for the Dominican Republic! XD ) and I was really bored and taking a break from the book i was reading. So yes, I think it would be amazing to have my life like a fiction novel, the possibilities are simply endless.

"fiction reveals truth, reality obscures." -Ralph Waldo Emerson



  1. I love making up stories and plotlines in my head. However, for me there's always the disconnect between my head and the paper for some reason :/

    The story is never as good as it is in my head.

  2. Bookish.Spazz
    haha, I can understand where your coming from, it all works out well when imagined, but as soon as you try to get it on paper, major road block, lol. :D I totally understand!