Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pet Peeves

I was going to post this yesterday but I was so exhausted I fell asleep. Anyways yesterday I was grocery shopping with my mom, and I was getting eggs, when suddenly I looked up and literaly shuddered, (because I was so disturbed!) right infront of me there was this elderly man. Now that isnt so bad, but it was what he was wearing that scared me so much. He was wearing a tight fitted shirt, (that showed off nothing but his beer belly,) and a rather terrifying bright red speedo. Yes, Im serious, it was horrifying, even my mom was like, "oh. My. God." Anyways this inspired me to write about my top ten pet peeves.

1. Old men shopping in speedos. Yup this has to be number one.

2. negative people. People who are always complaining, or just can never see the brght side to any situation. they tend to down me so much, I really don't like being around them.

3. people who dress their animals. I dont know what is so fun about torturing your dog by making them wear a humiliating fluffy costume, I don't like it when people put clothing on their animals, or leashes on guinea pigs.

4. when people leave the milk out. In my house I hate it when someone decided to pour a glass of milk, but doesn't put the container in the fridge. it's always when I want a glass and the milk is on the verge of curdling. I hate that!

5. When your folding laundry and all the clothing is inside out. I hate that, it just makes me twitch having to flip out all the clothes to fold them.

6. when people lip sing. I don't get the point of it, you might as well sing it out loud! Its more fun, and who cares if you sound atrocious, have come confidence and belt it out!

7. over competitive people. People who just go too far when they are playing or doing something and the competitive person starts getting angry and wont calm down. That is really a downer and drains the fun out of a game.

8. when your looking for fork, but all you can find is spoon. Gah! This one annoys me so much in my house we have a lot more spoons than forks, so when the forks are in the dish washer there will still be spoons, and I hate it when that happens and I really need a fork.

9. when its an important day, you want to look good, and your hair decided to go frizzy, and nothing tat you do will fix it.

10. nails on a chalk board...... *shudders* speaks for itself.

"I don't have pet peeves, I have whole kennels of irritation..." -Whoopi Goldberg

Have an Awesome Day!

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