Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poetic Mood

All day today I had been trying to figure out what I would write about, nothing really inspiring has happened today, in fact i haven't even left the house at all so there was really nothing to do. So I started to look back on some of the old poems I had written. This poem really caught my attention, and was around the time I was getting a lot better at writing poetry. It was written last year at the end of my summer vacation, while I was in a very poetic mood. So anyways ya, this is my post for today! Enjoy, :D

My Home Land

the wind attacks my face,
cold and sharp as ice,
harder than a mace,
gripping like a vice,

the tundra that surrounds me,
is cold and always cruel,
a bed of arctic sea,
capturing each fool,

souls who venture out,
to this unforgiving land,
often truly doubt,
the power of its hand,

but I, full of compassion,
know the northern tongue,
i forgive the arctic fashion,
that all the tales have sung,

creature from these northern tales,
who snarl, prowl and fight,
larger than the ocean whale,
who stalk the ground by night,

who whisper horrors while you sleep,
and make your mind forget,
they strike the eyes and make you weep,
and cause your soul to fret,

But I, full of compassion,
forgive they who roam,
for the ice in every fashion,
is my land, my heart, my home.

-August 26 2009

"poetry is an orphan of silence, the words never quote equal the experience behind them."-Charles Simic


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