Monday, July 12, 2010

I Knew it... :(

*Sighs* its been a rather long day today and I am soooo glad its over. Today I found something out that I just knew was going to happen because it was almost too good to be true. I was so looking forward to the beach, the sun, not having to worry about responsibilities and just relaxing. I was so excited to go to the wedding and enjoy the beautiful waters.... If you havent figured it out, my trip to the Dominican Republic, that I have been looking forward to since before school let out, was canceled.

Do I know why it was canceled, no, only that my uncle the one who was taking my sister and I couldn't go, so that was that! Anyways I hate it when this happens, (and it seems to happen quite frequently) every time I look forward to going someplace, or doing something it is always canceled, is it me or just my luck? Or is it happening for some twisted reason. All I know is that sometimes it reeeaally sucks.

So for that week that I planning to have taken off, what will I be doing instead, (actually this pretty much makes up for it and I am super excited) I will be spending a few days with my godparents in Toronto, being a tourist for a bit seeing the Cn tower...again and seeing the new exhibit at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) of the Terracotta Warriors, oh and visiting the best dessert place ever, Demetre's! Haha, and somehow I managed to get invited to a party that week as well, so it kinda made itself up. At least this time I will be having fun alongside of friends and family, where as before it was just my sister, and my uncle who Is somewhat tolerable, (we all have that one relative...) The only thing I am really bummed about, is not getting that tan!

"A Vacation is what you take when you no longer take what you've been taking" - Earl Winson


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