Thursday, July 8, 2010

is there really a fluke?

I have very strong beliefs, and one of the things I passionately believe in, is destiny. I hear people all the time saying that there is no destiny, it was just a fluke, and this I find completely ridiculous. How could there not be a destiny? Too many things in this world are so ironic, and happen at the oddest of times, how could there not be a destiny?

For example. When I was six years old, I lived with my mom, dad, and sister. My mom had just lost her job and my dad was supporting the four of us, it was just a regular night, everything was the same as it usually was, but somehow different. I discovered what was different very early the next morning on my way to the bathroom. It was my dad, he had had a major heart attack and passed away in the middle of the night. And I, I found his body.

The point is, there we were the three of us, trying to make it through this loss, and now on top of
it all my mom needed to find a way to support us all. It was by "fluke" that the day we went back to school, she was dropping us off, that the answer occurred. She was walking us in when she accidentally dropped something on the ground and spoke in french to pick it up, the passing french teacher heard her and said she spoke amazing french, my mom told her she went to university in france, and it turns out the school wa sin dire need of a french teacher. It was that day my mom got her job that she has had for eight years.

it doesn't end there. After eight years of working in the school, they found someone to replace my mom, (this was the year after my sister graduated her elementary school) and also the year, my uncle in Italy passed away. (the same way my dad did.) and left my moms sister and her two daughters in the same situation we had once been in. this worked out, because my mom (since she was unemployed at the time) was able to fly into Italy and stay with my aunt. coincidence? I think not.

It was after this when my mom got back, that she was out job hunting again. She did some catering, (because she owns a cetering/events planning company) for the school and it was there that the Mayor got to sample some of her food. He loved and ended up setting her up with the man in charge of small business advertising, who put my mothers name in all the school boards systems for not only our town, but the towns surrounding ours as well. Which is incredible because every time there is a special event at a school, the first person they would call now, is my mom!

there are so many more stories I have, but to keep this brief I am leaving you with this...... What do you believe in, destiny, or fluke?

"I seldom end up where I want to go, but almost always end up where I need to be..." -DOuglas Adams


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