Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Rare Day

Today I had an awesomely amazing day, I don't know but I just felt so good today it seemed as though everything is going to go right for me. It was one of those days where you feel so positive even though everyone around you seems miserable and annoyed it just can't bring you down. I was on top of the world today. And the weirdest thing is, nothing really happened to put me in this mood.....

It started off ordinary, woke up everything was fine I cleaned my room, and ate breakfast, watched Tv and then visited the internet for a bit. my mom had a job interview so she was out for a bit and my sister was having an altogether horrible day and I was at the end of it, but oddly enough that didn't bother me in the slightest. So after that I made lunch for both my sister and I and then we decided to chill at the beach for a bit. Where we had a good laugh, and were slightly scarred for life. :D

We were swimming in the water when we see this elderly couple come down near where our things were on shore, they looked so cute together holding hands and what not. Then the elderly lady starts taking her shorts off and my sister turns to me and whispers, "Kassandra, haha, just imagine if that lady was wearing a bikini underneath" we started laughing at the thought, then five seconds later turned in horror when in fact the elderly lady
was wearing a bikini! (Very unflattering might I add, but I cant judge I wouldn't ever wear one myself) We couldn't stop laughing. So yes, after another half hour or so of swimming we decided to walk back home.

went home it was around 7:oo pm, and my mom then asked us if we wanted to go to Tim Hortons for coffee, we said sure and went, other than all this and a very nice man stopping to talk to us nothing really happened but I just feel,
good. It's weird, have you ever had that feeling where you know something is going to go terribly wrong for you, then it does, but afterward you know something is going to incredibly good? Well that Is the feeling I am having, something good is coming my way.

(here is a quote I love!)

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain


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