Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Music Appreciation Day

GAHHH!!!! I am so stressed out right now it is crazy! I volunteer at the local library and every summer they have the summer events for the kids. This year my sister was put in charge of the music appreciation day, and I was put in charge of the water day. So my sister was given this day about a month ago, and now (a week before we are supposed to present it) she bailed! She hasn't done anything and the musicians she was supposed to contact are booked and I am running around trying to find performers and bribing people with community service hours. In total I have me, half a keyboard, (because my cord broke!) a maybe Saxophone, and my friend Cheyenne who is up for singing with me.

I love my sister, but really? I didn't need this right now considering the week after I have to present my week, (in which I have several paintings to complete, and possibly the fire department to contact not to mention the games to plan) *sighs* but then again, there is nothing else to do, I may have to pull a few strings, and bribe some others, but I will succeed. Just have to stay positive. worse comes to worse, I will play a karaoke CD and the kids can go wild. Anyways, that was my mini rant for right now.


"in times of great stress or adversity, its always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and energy into something positive." -Lee Iacocca



  1. Ack! That was really crappy on your sister's part.

    Good luck with planning everything!!

  2. thanks!

    its alright though shes still young, and its my job to bail her out, as long as she smartens up before i leave for university its all good. Haha, so far though I managed to get a saxophone, a trumpet, me with the piano and someone to sing. So it isn't too bad. Thanks again!