Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Interview #2

July 29th

Today I had quite a few things going on at once. the major important thing that I was really excited/frightened/worried/nervous about was my job interview for the library. this was m second interview, the first was at a different branch and they passed me on to this branch because it is easier for me to get to, but if i don't get the job here then I will still definitely have a job at the other branch, so I wasn't worried, but I was all at the same time. Also after my interview I went to the movies with one of my best friends, who I also had to give the money for my Wicked ticket, (Her mom got us frot row seats!!!!! SQUEE!)

Anyways everything went well, the interview was awesome, but I thought it was a little strange tat the lady, (krista) Interviewing me introduced me to the staff, (she didn't do this with the girl before me...) So I hope that that was a good sign. On the down side, I forgot my folder at one of the desks there, which really sucks, because I was trying to leave a good impression, so that sort of sucked, but its okay I guess.

the movies was fun, my awesomely awesome friend and I saw Inception for the second time, and it makes so much more sense now. You know I don't really like Leonardo DiCaprio, but he was pretty good in that movie. So That was fun, other than that and my mothers car breaking down, (Steering fluid line cracked) everything was pretty good.

Hope your summer is still going well!

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