Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pasta Sauce

July 23rd

today was an awesome day, (tomorrow we leave to go to my Godparents) and last minute my mom got an order for a lasagna. She couldn't say no and she decided to make it anyways. So yes, I have never made lasagna or pasta sauce for that matter, and today my mom decided it would be a good day for me to learn. When my mom says learn, she means, "I'll give you basic instructions, then you will figure it out on your own..."and I love that about her, she letting my sister and I make make our own mistakes and accomplishments. So anyways, thats what I did, I made lasagna. The lady who ordered the lasagna, ordered a meat lasagna so I had to make the sauce, and my moms sauce isn't like that crap you get at the supermarket it is real Italian tomatoe sauce. Which unfortunately takes at least half a day to make because it needs to simmer for hours and hours on low. I had learned from past experiences that if one didnt continuously stir the sauce you burnt everything and then it tasted like poison, so I knew had to stir this thing. Finally after the suace was done I mad ethe lasagna which wasnt too difficult just layering of the pasta and then sauce and cheese every layer, sauce cheese meat butter every other, That didnt take long, but as soon as I was finished an entire day went by and I felt like I was on top of the world because I had successfully made that lasagna! My point to this is, I think the way my mom taught my sister and I to take control of situations was correct. Kids need to make their own mistakes, and have accomplishments that they themselves did. I'm not saying let your kids run wild and they will figure things out eventually but I mean that parents can only do so much, they teach them what is right and wrong and give them the basic guidelines, what we do with them is our choice. When/if I ever have children when Im older, I am definitely looking towards my mom as an example parent. "I can't stop crying!!!! Damn those onions!" _(a quote from me when I was making sauce.)
Have a Great Day!!!!!

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