Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Like in the Movies...

I Laughed So Hard I Cried....

Today was a pretty decent day, had a couple exams feeling confident about them, but that is definitely not what I decided to blog about today. I swear today was just like a movie, you know when two people are having a conversation but each thinks the other is talking about something completely different?

The funniest thing ever happened after school on a visit to Wal-Mart’s McDonalds. My mom had just purchased some antifreeze for her car and it was sitting in the cart next to the table. We found out that McDonalds now has smoothies so my mom decided to try one, she placed the smoothie right next to the cart on the table.

So yes my mom is sipping away at her smoothie, chilling and we're, ( my mom, sister and I) are all just talking away when this lady comes up to us and starts a conversation that went as such;

Lady: That's what I should have gotten!
Mom: yeah I know, (my mom then turns to me and asks what the lady was talking about because she was unsure)
Me: (whispered) she's talking about the smoothie!
Mom: Oh yeah, I didn’t know they had it here, it's my first time trying it, its actually surprisingly really good!
Lady: (Looks at us very strangely and nods) Yeaaahhhh....
Mom: (Smiling like a weirdo.)
Lady: so yeah... enjoy, I guess.
Mom: Wait, what are you talking about?
Lady: Antifreeze...
Mom: Oh my I’m talking about a smoothie!

So yes it was one of those moments where it was so ironic and coincidental that you couldn’t help but laugh until you cried. Oh my, that truly made my day!

So since I have a math exam tomorrow I decided to make a formula for the day:

Antifreeze + Smoothies = Win.

"The human race only has one really effective weapon, and that's laughter..." Mark Twain

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