Monday, January 24, 2011


Things are Looking Up,

it has officially dawned on me that this semester is coming to a close. Im really happy about that, but there's a part of me that's going to miss the old semester. I know, it's kinda silly of me, but whatever. Today was my chemistry exam, the last chem exam I will EVER have to take, which is awesome because I really do dislike chemistry and math. (Wednesdays my last time for math EVER!) I'm going to miss Geography and History, two subjects I have come to love and adore, and both with amazingly brilliant teachers which hopefully I will get next year when they teach the twelve course.

On another note, (the irony in this statement!) I am going to see another musical! Went and saw Wicked November, it was absolutely amazing, very well done and fantastical as it is. My best amie and I went to see it and it was great we had front row seats and I know its ridiculous but i got so into the story I was in tears. This time however in May, i'm going to see the classic on stage production of the Lion King. XD I am so hyped, it better be worth it for an entire two weeks pay..... :S Thank goodness I have a job. I am excited to see it, became a fan of the group on facebook and the pics and videos are amazing. Only time will tell. :)

Lastly to wrap up this very epic/random post, I herby declare I am a Facebook addict. I promised myself when I got facebook at the beginning of the semester I wouldn't get addicted....too late. It is just too tempting to see how everyone is doing, what's going on, keeping up with my games, and of course creeping people to the max, (because I am that cool :P) It's not even a good addiction, I go on facebook when im bored, tired, lazy, and the worst when your bored of facebook, logging off, then back on to see if anything has changed... Yeah. So, thats pretty much it for the end of exam day one.

next up, History and Geography exam tomorrow :D this link explains it all......



  1. Cool update! I loooove musicals!! :)

  2. Thanks, :) they're just another thing I'm absolutly in love with.