Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Start

Fresh and New: Semester Two

The smell of never before written on paper, the refreshing sensation of being fully rested, and the awesomeness of knowing you wont have too much homework in the next week; that my friends, is the beginning of a new semester. I always Love new semesters, they are a fresh start, (it also helped that I now never have to take another math or science course ever again! :D) and a great introduction to future courses that you might be thinking of taking.

Currently it is unofficially day two of the second semester, the first day was Tuesday. I know your thinking how does that work seeing as its Thursday today. Well that can only be described as a wonderful gift; and that gift from Mother Nature is a great thing Canadians call a snow day. Yup when the board members declare the weather conditions are too bad, or there is too much snow and all the students excitedly get to sleep in. That is the best part about living in Canada. J
This semester should be extremely easy for me, but also incredibly taxing seeing as I have two English courses,( Media studies, and University English), Drama (which we are doing the school play) as well as religion. Very easy but an incredible work load. I think the only thing that will keep me sane, is probably blogging, and a new book I bought today!

“The Book of Awesome” is just that, an awesome book. It explains 1000 awesome things n daily life that just makes you feel good. Some examples I enjoyed so far were things like: “ popping bubble wrap, illegal napping, when your driving and you see a police car but realize your going the speed limit, as well as high fiving a baby because they never leave you hanging.” It’s a really good book to read if you want something light and funny to read.

Lastly for this entry today, I just wanted to say that the poem I entered into the remembrance day contest, (which I blogged bout November 11) made first place in my school! And now is moving on to the next level, I receive an award and get to go to an awards dinner, just thought I’d share that, I really didn’t think it was going to win. :D Anyways, happy Blogging!

"Awesome thing # 306, Grabbing a tissue at the last second before sneezing..."

here is the website of the author of theawesome book i'm reading :


  1. Fun post! I want to check that book out!! :)

  2. Jessi Haish: It is so worth the read! :) and thanks for the comment.

    Bookish.Spazz, thanks, it was a complete surprise. :D