Friday, June 25, 2010

Annoying Neighbors....

Ugh, I bet you we have all had that experience where there is just that one next door neighbor that just drives you up a wall. You do the good things, mind your business, work your own life, and even try to make the time and actually put effort into talking with this person/s. But, no matter how many muffin baskets you send this person has just put it into their mind to make your life a living hell.

Ever since we moved into this area, so about nine years ago, we have had problems with this lovely neighbor of ours. (I am going to keep this absolutely anonymous for obvious reasons.) No matter what anyone on the block does, they just want to make everyone's life more difficult. I swear this person must have the towns inspector on speed dial, because he is the first to complain when something does not meet his very snooty approval.

We live in a very rural area, so everyone one here lives on fair chunk of land, this person makes it their life duty to walk around the block scrutinizing everything. this person got our neighbors pot belly pig removed because he didn't think that it was a proper pet, everyday they walk their dog around the street and it has become trained to crap on our driveway, oh yes and the most recently, snooping on our property and calling the inspector because and I quote, "It was littered with garbage." Needless to say, the inspector came and didn't see any garbage around, (minus the couple bottles that the neighbors thrown into the forest or something,) But, for him to have seen that he would of had to walk through our backyard.

I really don't understand people like this and wonder what it is that gives them this satisfaction, what goal are they accomplishing by ruining other peoples happiness? Have you ever come by this? Had one of those annoying, prying, nosy, or slightly evil neighbors?

"All that attention to the perfect lighting, the perfect this, the perfect that, I find terribly annoying."
-Meryl Streep



  1. Well besides my neighborhood being overrun with cats, I don't have any particularly annoying neighbors... My mom on the other hand... that's a completely different story.

  2. you are a very lucky person, I hate nosy neighbors, but I guess it balances out with your mom, (although that probably sucks more than having a nosy neighbor....) Hopefully it will work out soon!

  3. My next door neighbour is a bit like that, he is very nosy but he has never done anything bad to us. My friend recently started working at local shop and he told me about a customer who comes in every night and tries to get all the workers in trouble. He deliberately asks for things he knows they dont have so he can complain and he goes and checks all the sell by dates on the foot and complains if the oldest ones arn't at the front. Don't understand people like that.

  4. I don't know maybe these people are just lonely really, complaining about how things are placed in a store? Ridicolous! I really would like to know the reasoning behind some of these peoples reasoning.