Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am Swamped...

Oh my, I hate this time of year. It is the time of year all students positively dread, where everyone, (including the teachers) are swamped, and guidance, well guidance is just pure chaos. It is...Exam time......

I always, (always!) get incredibly stressed this time of year. Although I do well in school, exams are my worst nightmare. There is always that possibility that I could lose my high maintenance average, and I am just not the studying type. I dont know what it is, but I just cant study. I try, I honestly do, but as soon as I start to work on something half an hour later I am doing something completely different. I swear I have ADD during exam prep week. I will say to myself, "Kassandra, you are going to finish your history exam package today." and I am totally mentally prepared to do it, about a quarter way through it I end up doing sit ups. how does this happen?!

I know it might be because I am a very stressful person, I may not show it much, (or do I?) but I am always worrying about stuff. I look calm and collected on the outside and my marks are always excellent, but I am the queen of procrastination. (in fact I am using this blog as an excuse not to do my exam review..:S...) Ph well what can I say I am just not the sit down and revise kind of person.

Gah, it is really annoying this semester because I have an exam in every class, where as last semester I only had two during exam week. (I don't know how it works in your schooling system but here we have four classes a day each 80 minutes.) But anyways I have a History Exam (World war one to 2010), An English exam (which shouldn't be too bad... i hope), A religious art exam (according to her no one has ever gotten above 80 on.) and a French Exam, (I will need a prayer for this one.) Thank the lord I dont have science this semester, i would have shot myself.

Anywho I better get to sleep to make up tomorrow morning what I failed to study tonight.

"I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best." -Benjamin Disraeli



  1. SAME
    completely agree
    I get so stressed out I like barely eat
    or eat loads
    then don't sleep
    not good ha!
    Good luck with the exams though, I can't wait for summer! :)

  2. Thanks very much, vacation sounds good right about now, lol. I NEED A BREAK! :D Hope everything goes well for you too!