Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swine Flu?! XD

Haha, this summer has been pretty good so far, (although i have yet to sleep in past 7 am.... :{ ) and i have been doing a ton of stuff! But today I came across something that was actually really funny, although a tad bit a way.

anyways.... I went to the doctors with my mom, (she was going in for a check up then we were headed to the cinema.) and I noticed as I was walking in all these signs posted everywhere talking about swine flu, and if you had experienced any of the listed symptoms to kindly put on a mask. this I found a little freaky, because it reminded my of something off of a movie where everyone gets infected by this rare disease and it spreads through the country. everyone is wearing masks and then the disease mutates and we all develop slight cannibalistic tendencies......

the point it, It was a little bit scary because it threw me off guard, (I thought the whole swine flu thing was over and done with) and the doctor was making such a huge deal out of this, everywhere you turned there seemed to be a box of masks and a sign.

Finally we make it into the office, and I was waiting for my mom to finish. I don't know how I came across this, but I was listening to my ipod really feeling my music and I randomly looked up. In front of me was the funniest/saddest/cutest pictures ever......
It made me laugh so hard when I saw it, because it was just so out of place in the professional doctors office, and "really?" I thought, "Winnie the pooh?" I ust had to take a picture of it, (sorry if the pictures a little bit off, it was my sisters cell phone...) But yes it was awesome, and I dubbed it, an Epic Win!

Oh and yeah, as I posted I think a couple posts ago, I am working on a painting, well i finished coloring it, so here is a picture on the updated version of it......

shes a coming along, and I hope I can pick up some acrylics and a canvas board soon! (I am soo excited to start actually painting it!) Painting will be the real challenge.

"We have an escaped convict in hiding in the country side near Christchurch, Dorset, England (true story). He has avoided police for over three months. They say he won't catch the swine flu because the pigs can't catch him!" -Anonymous-



  1. This made me laugh. Poor Piglet! :(

    I love the picture in colour, can't wait to see it painted.

  2. Jesskah,

    me too, I saw it and just couldn't help but laughing, the lady who was sitting next to me, (barely spoke English) saw my reaction and just started laughing to. It was kinda funny, :D Especially when the lady said, "Its funny, because its a pig!" XD