Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am so upset with myself, I missed blogging yesterday and I have been trying to blog about one thing a day.... oh well I missed it for a good cause, I was at my cousins house to attend an OSAID, (Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving) conference this morning. Which brings me to what I am going to write about today....

Drinking and driving is something that really bothers me. Its is something I am definitely against, and something that I would never allow someone I know do. It makes me angry that a person would do something so stupid as to try and drive a motor vehicle while they are under the influence of something. You aren't even allowed to operate machinery when you take things like Gravol because it slows your reaction time, what makes these people think it is ok to drive after a few beers? It bothers me even more when people decided to to this, AND bring someone into the passenger seat. If you are going to risk your life for something stupid, please don;t bring innocent people into it.

Being on OSAID has shown me so much about the world of impaired driving and honestly it is scary. Drinking and driving is the number one killer in Canada. Every day people are killed because they were either a passenger to an impaired driver, the driver, or were just an innocent bystander to the entire event. When you drive impaired, you are not only putting yourself at risk, but also the people who are on the roads, and the people who travel with you.

Sorry, im probably on a rant here, but this is something that seriously bothers me. But once you have seen some of the effects of alcohol and have seen crash survivors first hand you begin to understand why our teachers, parents and groups such as OSAID and MADD exist. What do you think about alcohol? About driving impaired, or on car crashes in general.... in fear of speaking for eternity, I'm going to stop here. :)

"Drinking and driving: there are stupider things, but it's a very short list." ~Author Unknown


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  1. Agreed, it is completely stupid.
    Drink by all means, but don't drive.