Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am Such a Klutz!

Hahaha, I am still laughing over the idiotic thing I did today, exactly two days, mind you, before my first interview, this will make a great first impression.... :S Lets start from the beginning then shall we...

This weekend has been so hectic for me it is ridiculous, I have been studying for my interview, studying for exams, and helping my mom with a major catering job that she will be serving out tomorrow. Anyways I had been helping my mom all day to make lasagna and butterfly chicken breasts, (which is a lot harder than it sounds!) and my back was just killing me, (I had cut about 100 chicken breasts at this point.) and i just wanted to take a nap. So, my mom says, as soon as i finish I can go and sleep. I was all excited because I was exhausted the rest would be welcomed, and it worked out because I could get some more studying in later.

So I finished cutting and went into my room. I was about to fall asleep when my mother tells me to do one last favor for her, and get the cooler bag off of the high shelf in the laundry room. I didn't want to do it, but did it anyways thinking its probably easier to do it than argue with her. I went into the laundry room looked at the shelf and inwardly groaned. I really didn't feel like climbing onto a chair and getting the bag, but I did notice it was hanging slightly off the edge, so maybe, I thought, if i could just grab a hold of it, I could pull it down. At the time this seemed perfectly logical to me. I felt stupid afterward.

I jumped up with one perfectly graceful leap and snagged hold of the bag. "Yes" I thought, "Bingo!" but.... (and there always is a but.) I failed to notice in my mini triumph that the bag was under about a four pound wicker basket. I got the bag, but not before the basket got me, I felt before I saw what was happening and heard the thump, snap, as the basket bounced off my face and then it the floor. I stood there for a few second in shock, I was honestly not expecting that, and then the eye that was hit began to tear. I am a bit confused at what happened after that but I remember running to my moms room laughing saying, "Mom!, I think I just gave myself a black eye!"

She looked at me gave me one of those, "only you would do that" looks and started to laugh. Then it dawned on me I could be potentially sporting a black eye and I have an interview on Tuesday. What a great first impression. Great job Kassandra, great job. :S

"I wish I could blame it on the choreography, but it's not a musical. I just had a clumsy moment."

-Delta Burke


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