Sunday, June 13, 2010

Phst... Who Needs Sleep?

This weekend has been the best weekend EVER! Right now I am blogging from the heart of Toronto, (in a Hotel room,) because I am at the sickest 16th birthday party ever! It all began yesterday morning at around 10 am and will go on until 12 pm today, (Sunday). I Have gotten grand total of about 45 minutes of sleep, and I am feeling perfectly fine....i guess. :S Anyways today my topic of conversation, (If you haven't already made the obvious connection.) would be on sleep, and how it is completely overrated.

Who needs sleep? I have made perfect example this weekend that sleeping does nothing to the body. Sure, I may have crawled into a corner at around 3 am and started pretending to "walk" up the wall while balancing a metal table tray thing on my face, but that doesn't count, lol , that's only one downside.... I May have also in a fit of rage because of the lack of coffee, (which was packaged in a tiny plastic bag, and only brewed 4 cups! XD ) Had a nervous breakdown and began to almost cry at how hotel rooms with little tiny coffee cups is a sin. Oh yes, and then there were these little tiny cream thing, that weren't even cream it was called "
whiteners" what is that? Really, whiteners? It was honestly the worst, most tragic thing ever!

Tonight was just the strange night ever, five teenagers in a hotel room, lots of food, movies, and no sleep. the awesome part is, that we videoed almost ever hour or so how we were fairing, good lord. I had some issues last night. At one point I remember I was getting a little bit tired so I decided to paint in the hotel room, yeah we got acrylics on the bed, ...sshhhh, no one needs to know about that one. But we did make a beautiful card, it looks gorgeous. Oh yes, we also managed to restrain one of the five of us and draw all over her face, haha, we were going to wait until she fell asleep, buuuuttt, we figured why not just go for it? By the time we were done she looked as though she had gotten hit by a train, blue, green, purple, and pink eyeshadow all over her face. I remember giving her a third eye, and writing HI! across her right cheek with eyeliner. She looked so bad, we got a lot of pictures.

Oh my, and I don't even remember what time I ended up falling asleep, all I know is that apparently I looked like i was dead, I was lying on my back with my hands across my stomach, and my knees bent upwards, funny thing is I don't even remembering feeling tired when I went to sleep, I just closed my eyes and like 45 minuted passed. Oh well, but yes my point is....I NEED SLEEP!

"this is a SIN!!!! Why are the coffee cups so small! And what the hell, coffee in plastic bags?!" -Me, at 2:41 AM

Goodnight, err....Morning?


  1. Now that sounds like a fun party!
    I can't wait for summer and have times as good as this with my friends :)
    that's what I've thought sometimes after a great night out
    then I slowly die the next day ha :')
    Great post, made me laugh.

  2. haha, thanks for the comment, it was so much fun, we actually did a video blog every hour or so of the night in the hotel, its hilarious! I canèt believe I was having a nervous breakdown about coffee, lol thanks for the comment!