Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Songs in My Life

Hmmmm.... I have been thinking lately, mostly about music and how it interconnects with my life. You know when you just have this one song that you can listen to for eternity, you don't know why but you just like it so much. then, later while you are thinking you discover something about that song, like it connects with a major event in your life. Well this happened to me today. I was compiling a list of 5 songs that I can never get tired of, and as I was doing this I learned a little bit more about myself......

1. Luther Vandross: DANCE WITH MY FATHER
this is a very sad song about a child who's father has just passed away, they are reminiscing of the times that they spent with their father, the things they would do together and how they would do anything to have them back. The child even prays to God to just let their father come back so he can dance with their mother just one more time. This reminds me so much of me, because when I was very young my father passed away and he was the most precious thing in my life, he was always there and did everything for me. Every time I hear this song I cry, because I know what the main character feels, and can relate.

2. Andrea Bocelli: VIVO PER LEI (I Live For Her)
First off this song is in complete Italian, (I speak Italian, and understand it it was my first language) when I first heard this song I thought it was a love song I was like, oh that is so sweet, a love song. But.... after really listening and looking at the lyrics I soon discovered that it is a love song, but not the way I thought it was. It was an ode to music. This related to me, because music is and always will be my sanity I could never do anything without this lovely piece of hope and it was what helps me cope with difficult situations in my life.

3. Wicked: FOR GOOD
This song is about two friends who are parting their separate ways, (Yes from the amazing-musical-which-I-am-so-seeing-in-october-Wicked) This song is what I am using right now for the mini soundtrack to my life, so many people I love and cherished have been leaving or have left me, and this song is my little reminder that every person who comes across my path has walked there for a reason. Nothing is an accident and I was supposed to learn something from everyone of these people. I see it like this, it is always hard to lose someone, if it was easy, then they never really meant anything to you.

4. Coldplay: THE SCIENTIST
this song is difficult to explain, but the literal meaning is that there is this man who has made so many mistakes in his life and relationship, that he completely messes it up with the one he loves. All he wants to do is rewind time and fix it all, but he knows it isn't possible. This is like me in the sense that I know I have done so many things in my life wrong, and I wish I could stop things that have happened or change the outcome of an event, but I know it just isn't possible. This is my mini masochistic part of me that just keeps reliving the moments where I haven't been able to forgive myself.

5. Susan Boyle: WHO I WAS BORN TO BE
This song is my personal anthem for this point in my life, it talks about a girl who has gone through so many tragic and horrible experiences but that she has come out of it alive, and although she may not know the answers to all the questions in her head, she can finally admit to herself that she is free. Free to think, free to aspire, free to be who she wants. She is ready to face the world ahead of her although she does not know what she will do, she knows its her turn to do something big and re create herself. This is my anthem!

"Write to be understood, speak to be hear, and read to grow..." - Lawrence Clark Powell



  1. I love Coldplay - The Scientist
    I have been listening to a lot of Coldplay recently, particularly Fix You.
    Such a good band :)
    You might like
    Boston by Augustana if you like them.

  2. oh thanks! Never heard of Boston Augustana, i'll check them out. Totally agreed Coldplay is amazing, I love it because their songs are so deep its beautiful. Fix you is such a brilliant song, thanks for the comment!


  3. Jessi Haish

    thanks, you inspired me with your soundtrack, lol. glad you liked it!