Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As I am getting older I have noticed there are a lot more things that I am doing and trying for the first time, (All within the past couple years) recently I have gotten my First bank account, first picture health card, (going to be) first attempt at a license, my first set of truly amazing friends, the first time I can think of things beyond my little world, and first job interview. O. M. Gosh. I am terrified and excited all at the same time. Of course it would not be the first job that I have ever had, I mean I have babysat, worked with the town, tutored and even performed with the local theater. But this would be the first time i have ever had a real interview.

it all began about three years ago when I started to volunteer at my local library's children s reading circle. I started to volunteer not only because i needed hours for high school, but also because I love the library and love helping out kids. I fell in love after the first couple weeks and have gone ever since. Being in the library all the time I became familiar with the system and how everything was sorted out, it got to the point where I knew the library better than my own home, lol, (not exaggerating, my grandfather has Alzheimer's tends to move things around, but that's another story...) Anyways... it was just this September when my supervisor told me to put in an application. I figured why not it sounds really great making 10 dollars an our to shelve books, (which really isn't that hard.) and I would be with a unions my schedule and pay cant be messed around with, sounded great. I put in the application.

Then yesterday just as I was getting ready for reading circle, i got a phone call. I was not expecting it at all and I think I left a horrible impression, because first off my uncle was in the family room blaring music and the tv, that's all I could hear, secondly, the dogs were barking as loud as they possibly could at that moment, thirdly my mom was talking with my trying to figure out a date, (which we settled and arranged for Tuesday) and to top it all off just as I was confirming with the lady on the other line, my grandmother starts to yell at me, (in Italian mind you!) asking if I wanted her to start the laundry. The response I got from the woman going to interview me....pure laughter. Excellent. well, at least she wont forget me.

So yes, the point to my incessant babbling is; life is full of firsts, even my grandmother is still experiencing things for the first time! In life, the day that you stop experiencing new the day you really are old!

Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him. ~Aldous Leonard



  1. Firsts I was thinking about that the other day too
    Today I have Seabrook Salt and Vinegar crisps for the first time ha
    But life is also full of lasts, like I had my last history exam ever yesterday :)
    Good luck for the interview!
    You'll do great.
    I remember my first one and how nervous I was too :) It's not as bad as you think!

  2. Good luck with the interview!

    I love volunteering at the library too :) Getting paid for it sounds even better!

  3. Jessica,
    thanks, firsts have been huge this year, lol. thanks for the luck, I really do hope I get it! It would be my dream-teenage-job, lol. I already know this place like the back of my hand, hopefully I will impress. haha, :)


    Yeah if i get paid for doing what I pretty much normally do, (Minus the little children running around0 then it will be awesome!

  4. This is sad, but I was 20 before I saw Star Wars for the First time, and about 2 months ago I saw Deliverance and Howard the Duck for the first time... btw, I am only 25 lol.

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  6. haha, thats alright, lol. if we weren't having first throughout our life then there would be something wrong with us. (Dont worry your normal, :) ) Thanks for reading!
    (25 is still young!)