Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am officially addicted...I don't what it is about this show but it just seems to draw me in! Being a huge musical theater lover I guess that's where it began, but i swear to you this television show is like a drug, once you try it out, you become an addict. Today, as you all know, (if you follow this show) is what I call Glee day, because it is the day a new episode is shown on tv of glee. Sadly, today i missed this show and I am soo mad, because now i have to wait until it gets posted on Global so I can watch it! Grr, i hate it when this happens, had I known America's Got Talent was going to be a two hour special I would have gladly missed it....oh well, what's done is done.

I have been foloowing this show since the very first pilot episode and I think it is just great, well the acting gets a little bit dramatic, and the storyline is off the wall, but the music and energy, and a lot of the comedy just makes me want to smile every Tuesday I turn on the television. and as for favorite characters....Kurt and Mercedes of course! Kurt is just so lovable and nice, but you want to hug him because of what the rude people in the school are making him go through. And then there is Mercedes, queen of sass and an amazing vocalist, she just makes me want to shake my head and be all like "Girl, oh NO you didn't!!" XD

I am really upset with myself that i missed it tonight i saw some parts of it and it looked like it went really well...Since I couldn't watch it I did something else to fill my musical time up to compensate i did some youtubeing and went and watched one of my favorite you tube performers ever, Kurt Hugo Schneider, (If you don't know him look him up) who i first discovered singing and AMAZING version of don't stop believing, check it out click on the link below.....


He honestly has some amazing talent! He hits some notes female vocalists have difficulty hitting! Excellent high c's!!!!!! :D

"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music. "
Ronald Reagan


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    love it
    finale this week!! eeeeeee.
    I like it so much I watch it before it comes out over here ha.