Monday, June 7, 2010

Blog Song Challenge!!!!!!

Today I decided to try something new, recently it seems as though my inspiration well has dried up, and I came up with an idea while on the phone that I think might solve my problem. this magical remedy is....A Blog Song Challenge! XD, the rules to this challenge is, you must put your ipod, itunes, Mp3 (whatever stores your music) on shuffle and the first song that comes up, you have to listen to, then while this song is playing you write whatever the song makes you think of. You must post the name of the song, the band/singer, and a link to the song. So here goes nothing, I am going to attempt this.....


Song: What Have you Done Now
Band: Within Temptation

Alone she sits in a secluded room, thinking of the tragedies she has seen, feeling the pain of forgotten friends. Their gone. All of them, every person she has met, everyone she thought were once her friends have abandoned her, just another child of the system. "What have you done now?" the inner demons scream, because after everything that has happened, it is always her fault in the end. Because she was never able to fix the problems she's had.

"I have been waiting for someone like you" she says as she stares at the photos of her once smiling friends. They look back happily like they once were to her. "But now you are slipping away," the frame drops, and shatters as it lands on the gray stone floors. Tears begin to fall from her face, tears that were once enemies have now become her friends. She looks into the mirror, and see's nothing, because she no longer exists. She is lost in life's oxymoron, for is it truly possible to live when you have always been dead?

Length : 4:01

That was it! Hope you enjoyed it, it's a little choppy, but I didn't edit it, just wrote what came, anyways I dare you to try this, it is a lot more difficult than it appears to be! Wow, i don't think I ever typed and thought so fast in my life, anyways have a go at it!
"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly" -- Lauren Bacall
Bonne Chance! (Goodluck!)

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