Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Epiphany

Huh... today I had a little bit of a thought. I was thinking about my show choir, and next weeks performance at my schools arts night. I was just living in a haze of happiness, because out of many things i love doing, choir is something I hold close to my heart. I love everything about it, how it is impossible to try to sing it on your own, and how you need to cooperate and listen to everyone around you in order to succeed. I Love how i would stay up at all hours of the night, (sometimes morning) listening to a new piece, learning the tempo, rhythm and parts. Then I had a thought that sort of shocked me, what if, in this world....

There was no music?

No honestly think about this for a second, imagine a world where music did not exist, no school dances, no singing, no instruments. It would be a world that has had it's happiness striped right out of it. All these famous composers, singers, and songwriters would be nothing. There would be no musicals, drama would be less dramatic, and opera, (the foundation of singing) gone. At this point, i sort of cringed in horror, because if in a week there is anything that keeps me sane, it would have to be music.

This is my typical day! I listen to my ipod every morning getting ready for school, I then listen to it on the bus to school, I listen to it sometimes even in class, (though we really aren't supposed to, :S ) I listen to it at lunch, once a week I practice with my choir, then I go home listening to my ipod, I then practice more music, piano and vocal, then after all that if there is time, I watch a movie, (all movies have music!) . Right there was pretty much my day with music, I would never want to be without this precious, beautiful, sound. It would be as though i were living in a bubble, where only what is necessary can get through and the beauty shut out. It is almost as though you are looking out the window to a wonderfully gorgeous summer day, but you are not allowed to go outside. Silently suffering from a distance.....It is days like today that I am thankful for many things in this world, today that blessing was music.

" A painter paints a picture on canvas, but musicians paint their pictures on silence..." -Leopold Stokowski


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  1. I was thinking about that same thing not too long ago. Music is everywhere and it is in everything we do, so a world without it would feel so empty. If there ever is a time where music doesn't exist, I know that I will be locked up in one of those yellow padded cells in a straitjacket.. I would seriously go insane. haha