Friday, June 11, 2010

Karma anyone?

Recently I have noticed some things about me that I don't know maybe you can classify as superstition, or maybe i'm just one hundred percent OCD. :D But I tend to do some really odd things that are hard to explain but it is all for this good luck or as some people call it good "Karma". One thing I do, is I always, always have to knock on wood. It is my anti irony charm i guess. When someone says to me, "not to worry, you'll do fine," instantly I knock on a piece of wood, i have to because I know if I don't there isn't that irony protection and I will end up screwing up.
Also pennies for some reason, when I see pennies on the ground, in order for me to pick them up, they have to be on heads, its like my signature side of the coin. If the penny is not on heads then it is not lucky and not for me. Also with pennies when I see that I have a few extra in my wallet, I will place them in random spots, but I always make sure they are on heads. I do this to bring myself luck, because I don't need this coin, then maybe someone else does, and if they do, i get the 'good karma." I know I probably sound nutters, but really I do this!
I also try as hard as I can to do as many good things as possible, because they also bring in that "good Karma'. I notice when I do these good things, I tend to get good things in return. Like I once held open a door for a complete stranger at the library, then a week later my hands were full of stuff and I couldn't get the door open to the laundromat, what do you know... the same lady opens the door for me! Coincidence... I think not! ;) But anyways I have also found that bad things bring not so nice things in return. Tis happens all the time when playing cards I will be winning then I start to brag, and then what do you know, I epicly lose the winning hand.
Yes, there is a point to this rambling babbling, what I was curious to know, is that am I the only one who does these things and seems completely off her rocker, or do other people do this to? Do you believe in karma, good, bad luck, or even what some people call, "energy" good and bad..... what is your thoughts on Karma and superstitions?

"All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man who persists through the bad luck - who keeps right on going - is the man who is there when the good luck comes - and is ready to receive it." Robert Collier



  1. I am a strong believer in Karma. Also, I think the whole idea of Karma, what goes around comes around makes people (like me) be more conscious of their actions.

  2. I'm not sure if I believe in Karma
    I like the idea of things like Fate, Destiny and Karma, but to be honest, I just see as they are all too illogical and most things are down to coincidence
    Maybe I'm wrong
    I'm not sure
    My best friend always says things happen for a reason and you know what, he might be right, but until proved so, I doubt I'll believe it.

  3. Bookish.Spazz

    I am a catholic, but I also believe in karma, because it is true what goes around comes around which sort of ties in with a catholic beliefs "Do unto others as you'd like to be treated" so basically you treat others with respect your earn it. Sort of like Karma.... in a way. :D


    That's alright if you don't believe in it. I am catholic, we believe everything happens for a reason, and when people ask me why I am catholic and give them proof these things I believe in are true I say to them; does love exist? they say; yes it does. I would say; prove what love is. at this point they usually trip over themselves trying to come up with a description, and I woould say, Maybe you just havent experieced it yet. So Karma I think is real, you may not because you havent come accross it yet.

    Anyways don't mind my babbling...

    Thanks for the comments!