Monday, June 28, 2010

My New Project!

Yeah! I have finally decided what my first major project for the summer will be. (Hint, hint, it involves the paint in the photo above. :) It all started the last day of class right before break when I went to go see what my marks were. I was talking with my french teacher who noticed the painting I was carrying, (my religion art assignment) and she really liked it, and started to hint I should make her something. I was like, "OK I guess" not really promising anything but not saying no either, and it is now that I have decided to follow through with this mini assignment. I asked her what she wanted me to paint, she, (to my great relief!) left it entirely open, so I was pretty excited. And today, (after reading Tuesdays with Morrie!) I was feeling rather inspired. So I drew. And this is what I came up with..... (be warned it is still rough, this is the first stage drawing...)

I drew this up thinking about my French teacher, she is really an amazing person, one f the most honest and compassionate people I know. She is also very religious and spiritual, so I decided to throw that component into the piece as well.

This piece has three different parts, Hope, Happiness, and harmony. the hope is in the butterflies, butterfly's are, (and always will be!) my symbol for hope. The are a symbol of new beginnings, growth and rebirth. they are beautiful to look at and are always the little spot of color that brighten my dim days. they are the hope. Then, there is the Happiness, (now comes the religious parts.) In my faith we believe that every Human being is called to happiness. We are all given a purpose in life, and that is to be truly happy. But, we are divided between what we want and what God wants, which sometimes makes us unhappy. But in the end we are always drawn towards that happiness. this is what that ball of light in the center of the painting is. It is the root of happiness on this earth, (and the little circles spontaneously thrown about, are also pieces of the large happiness.) Lastly we have harmony. my french teacher believes in balance, and is constantly balancing things. In this picture everything is balances, and moving in the same direction. The two major butterflies are opposite, (bringing in my own Ying-yang) and the the mini butterflies are all going the same way, and if you notice the positioning of the right side corners are the same and the left corners are the same, and the center of each side are opposite, this was all on purpose, to balance every piece of the picture.

Anyways, now that I'm done my artistic rant, I have a few questions and would love your opinions on them. first I was wondering if I should paint it in black and white, or color? the other question was, does it look too busy? Thanks so much, I am off to go and get some rest, but will be back tomorrow for a very late night blog. (my friend is having an end of the year, vacation departure BBQ party. )

"may the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun, and find your shoulder to light on, to bring you luck happiness and riches, today tomorrow and beyond." _(Irish Blessing)



  1. :o That is amazing. Wow I wish I could draw. I think it would be nice in colour, when I first saw it I imagined it in blues and purples. It is deffinitely not crowded.

    I am so in awe right now.

  2. I think black and white would be stunning, but I also agree with Jesskah's blue purple recommendation.

    Wish I could draw that well. Glad I found your blog, I need a HS blogger to live the glory days through. Enjoy being in high school, it goes by so fast.

  3. JesskahWilliams,

    That's awesome, because I started to color it with purples, yellows and pinks and the butterflies, (the two large ones) are blue. :) great minds think Alike!


    yeah I was thinking about doing it all black and white, but then I wanted to add the personality of my teacher, and she is such a vibrant colorful person so I added colors to it.

    Thanks both of you for the feedback!! It was pretty helpful!

  4. Nice sketch!! Seeing it in color would be wonderful!!

  5. Bookish. Spazz,

    thinking of posting it in color tomorrow, I am just about finished it, (well the rough basic colors. :)